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Summary Wayward Son 108 Ippi. I ll start with the bad this book ends on an open cliffhanger with no emotional resolution and very little plot resolution The assumption is that it will set up a third book If so this is a slightly weak second book of a trilogy If not it s a very very unsatisfying ending to Carry OnThe good this book is very very funny Rainbow has a way with words and zingers and she absolutely delivers that in this book There is a lot of deep emotional ramification and an unflinching look at PTSD depression and the effects those have on the characters and their loved ones There s also a lot of really rich world building and a delightful new character Shepard is an absolute delight I wish we d known him all alongRainbow took a big risk on this book and she clearly poured herself into it I like it on the assumption of a third but I have to admit to feeling a bit betrayed and like there was a bond of trust broken between author and reader for the book to end this way with us under the assumption and belief that it s the end of the line I assume this is for marketing reasons I think unfortunately it instead traffics on emotions With any other author the third book would be absolutely a no brainer definitely happening but with Rainbow you never know She likes to break the wheel and upset expectationsI will return to this book and I now have three copies of it lol the covers got away from me but maybe not for a bit or at least not until we have word on if this is the end or not Overall it was a lovely experience It ached a lot but it was a fun read and I fell in love with Penny and I just felt shredded for Baz I don t think this is the story that was right for a Carry On seuel but it s clearly the story Rainbow needed to tell and I trust and support her vision to see us through to the third

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Summary Wayward Son 108 0 sh. Okay the one star review about killing cats I get that 100% It was disturbing and it s one of the hardest things for me to get over a character doing I love Baz I do but that wasn t necessary It becomes even unnecessary when he learns that he doesn t have to kill what he feeds on It really broke my heart that he could spell animals to trust him like that lure them in and kill them It hit me pretty hard and he seems to have absolutely no remorse for the action at all Animal death is hard for me to stomach and when Simon steals a dog for Baz to eat No Do betterOther than that I found the story interesting It wasn t really what I was expecting from the seuel I thought I would be reading about how these characters deal with the emotional aftermath of the big battle but it was really avoiding that The cliffhanger made me screech Hopefully I don t have to wait another 4 years for what comes nextI loved Carry On and went back to read a lot of Rainbow Rowell s stuff because of it That s when I started to see issues with her writing I want to like this because I LOVE the story behind how this series came to be and I m an old school Drarry shipper but there s always something that sits uneasy with me in what I read Eleanor and Park is a GLARING issueOverall I look forward to the next one But I m hesitant Could we get a warning about animal cruelty

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Summary Wayward Son 108 129. includes spoilersAimless boring uiet I guess that does kind of describe some roadtrips I ve been on in my life But that probably shouldn t be used as a roadmap for a novel especially the seuel to a book I enjoyed immensely Carry On had so much life so much movement and energy There was a brightness in every chapter and the connections between the characters that really sustained me I couldn t put that book downAll the things I loved about Carry On have been abandoned in Wayward Son a bleak confusing mess of familiar in name only characters and a shoddy plot thrown together to make some semblance of a second act in what will now be a trilogy I was optimistic but skeptical when I heard that there would be a seuel to Carry On mainly because I felt like Rowell had done a pretty good job wrapping up the overarching story and character threads Sure there were places that the characters could go but I was content enough imagining them And never in a hundred years would I have put these characters on a roadtrip through Middle America So when I heard that that was the premise I thought wow this is so out of the box It s gotta be goodBut simply stated this book as a whole does not work Even on the surface Rowell never fully commits to it being a roadtrip novel rushing characters from state line to state line breezing over landscapes and details that really could have made this book sing Such a key theme of roadtrip stories is the ability to place the reader in the parts of a region and often link those landscapes back to the emotional and mental states of the characters traversing them Rowell attempts this to some extent with Simon who in the book s opening is dealing with depressionPTSD and feelings of inadeuacy after losing his magic Over the course of the roadtrip he starts to feel much less confined and able to stretch his literal wings in the vast expanse of the American Midwest But it never really sticks or even feels intentional In a way Rowell seems out of her depth trying to tell this kind of story There are certain things she does well consistently in her YA arsenal but the level of nuance and craftsmanship reuired to pull off this kind of novel well I m not convinced she s got the chops So instead we get a cast of miserable and miserably dull characters who all seem like husks of who they used to be on a miserable roadtrip that apparently no one wants to go on Wow sounds super solidSo of course the tone of this novel is extremely subdued Wry even I sat in on an interview with Rowell recently and she mentioned how much she found this novel to be funnier than anything she s ever done But the novel is truly lifeless joyless and somehow both over and underwritten so I have no idea if I m reading the same novel she thinks she wrote Pointing out differences between American and English sandwiches isn t all that amusing and freely mocking American culture from the perspective of British folks it gets tiring after a whileIt was shocking to see how Rowell characterized her main trio in this novel Since when has Penny rushed headlong into things without a single shred of a plan She s been to the United States how did she not research how magic works across the Atlantic Since when has Penny been this ethically corrupt and selfish to steal from others without so much as a second thought For that matter where is the ethical backbone of any of these characters Penny counterfeiting money stealing cars Simon stealing someone s dog so Baz can feed Baz killing someone s pet to satisfy his cravings Who are these people They re not the characters I fell in love with And some of their decisions were appalling and at no point given the weight they should have been given Rowell seems to excuse and condone their behavior by the flippant one liner sentences without follow up of incredibly selfish behavior I understand that war and trauma can change people but nothing about these characters actually felt familiar at all They were like entirely different charactersAnd let s not ignore the massive elephant in the room Simon and Baz s relationship or lack thereof What a complete letdown The slow burn of Carry On was so good so sweet so satisfying and then it s just ripped from the reader s hands and we re back to suare one with them All because they refuse to communicate with each other They re literally within arm s reach of each other during most of the book and the entire year between novels but they never speak to each other about anything why things have felt so off How to fix these issues Even neutral topics They don t really seem to share anything in common now At this point I actually uestion Baz s loyalty to Simon because the only time Baz ever really feels affection for Simon is when they re fighting for each other And when they re not they might as well be enemies again That s not sustainable though Or healthy So basically the takeaway I got from this book is that the two of them are entirely incompatible in a relationship borderline toxic This is the definition of a failed relationship I m not convinced either of them are willing or even able to show up for each other at this point and it was torture to read This holding pattern they re in is only exacerbating issues between them keeping them from any kind of healing It s bad news And I m supposed to be rooting for them It pains me to say I think they d be better off breaking upDon t get me started on the completely out of left field pseudo love triangle with Baz and Lamb King of the Vampires Yeesh just another way to remind readers that we re no longer looking at the Simon and Baz from Carry On We as readers know that this fake out love triangle is a non issue because Baz claims to still love only Simon again I m not entirely sure why but Simon is of course in fits over seeing his boyfriend with another man His jealousy is annoying and frustrating especially because he doesn t have the emotional bandwidth to communicate anything about why he feels this way Instead he just gets angry at Baz for carrying out their agreed upon plan just not to his exact liking It screams insecurity which is fine and normal for teenagers but knowing that all of this could be resolved by just TALKING to each other is maddening Using lack of communication as a device is so lazy and I m absolutely tired of it And there really comes a point at which you can t keep excusing character behavior under the banner of trauma They need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions And Simon and largely everyone in this book seems intent to do the exact opposite of that How exhaustingI think a large part of the failure that is Simon and Baz s relationship is Rowell s apparent need to draw out the slow burn romance element as long as humanly possible So even though the readers got what they wanted by the end of the first book she s essentially acting as if none of that ever happened because she wants to recreate that longing and sensuality of the first book But you can t really scratch that and reverse it when your characters are already dating Rowell comes up smelling like a one trick pony and the writing itself feels needlessly convoluted and frustrating I think she seriously missed the mark here Consider she could have been exploring a healthy but flawed relationship between two young men who deeply care about each other and want to show up for each other but are stumbling around in the dark and dealing with serious emotional aftermath I wanted to see effort expended and sacrifice Not nothing Absolutely nothingFinally the ending of this novel is completely unsatisfactory and I m shocked the publishers agreed that that was a good stopping point I ve never read a boldfaced cliffhanger from a completed novel leaving us uestioning the state of Simon and Baz s relationship and the state of Watford back home Shame on the editors for that This isn t a comic that we re going to see a follow up for next month We have to wait years for the next installment and it ends on something much suitable for a chapter break not a novel break It feels like yet another betrayal to the readers Couldn t Rowell have given us something An actual real conversation between Simon and Baz That could have very easily cleared up a lot of my frustrations with this novel But no that would be too convenient Gotta string us along that much longerI didn t hate the whole novel however There were some bright spots I found the stop at the Hoover Dam with the river spirit to be uite magical and well written I really wish there were scenes like it because it embodied of the previous book in all its whimsy and mystery I also did like some of the initial scenes in Las Vegas but for a city so rife with color and pizzazz and weirdness Rowell could ve really placed us in this strange vampire haven Instead it felt mostly glossed over She focused on strange details and ignored the huge spectacle that is Las Vegas itself You d think that being in the heads of three kids who have never seen Las Vegas they d want to take in and describe every detailSome of the worldbuilding and further details on vampires was interesting though somewhat sparse I was hoping for lore to fill up the empty space of the novel but there was some neat stuff so I ll give credit where credit is dueThe new character of Shepard was a much needed addition to the sulky trio s roadtrip though he did not need to be a viewpoint character Generally I think his character missed the mark a bit though I see where Rowell was trying to go with him and he was marginally interesting I know Rowell needed to keep his age down because she s writing YA but he read like he was in his mid thirties And the information he s dropped about himself seems contradictory and confusing Like how he s apparently into nerdy tabletop games but for all intents and purposes he s a complete loner who spends most of his time traveling and meeting magickal beings So who is he playing D D with if he s out seducing dryads and dragons all the time When was he a storm chaser When did he have all the time and money to travel around the country and earn the trust of so many magickal creatures in such a short period of time It just felt off He ended up sounding like an amalgamation of cool but nerdy traits Rowell selected and none of them added up to an organic character I m guessing he ll become a love interest for Penelope now that she has demanded that he go to England to try and get rid of his demonic curse but we ll see I m dubious but still interested to see how he ll developAgatha actually ended up being a fairly interesting character though I really do wish she would ve had of a role in her own rescue earlier on One of my complaints with Carry On was that Agatha was like a prop for Simon to save than a real character though occasionally there were moments that endeared me to her I was actually glad to get moments from her point of view though I was hoping for a little bit from her overall She really does trend toward just being a bit helpless and I couldn t see hat she had grown much from the previous book or during this one which was frustrating She just seemed static Despite that I did like her this time around so that s a plusAnd well that s about all I have for positives It was a rough one for me and I know it s not the popular opinion but it is my honest one so we ll leave it at that I will be reading the third installment when it comes in mainly because I like to see things through to a conclusion but I m curious to see if Wayward Son is simply a symptom of the second book of the trilogy issue setup with very little actually happening and if Rowell can stick the landing At this point I m not optimistic

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    characters Wayward Son PDF or EBOOK Wayward Son ì Rainbow Rowell Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Rainbow Rowell *includes spoilers*

    Aimless, boring, quiet I guess that does kind of describe some roadtrips I've been on in my life. But that probably shouldn't be used as a roadmap for a novel, especially the sequel to a book I enjoyed immensely. Carry On had so much life, so much movement and energy. There was a brightness in every chapt

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    Rainbow Rowell ↠ 8 Summary Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Rainbow Rowell characters Wayward Son Okay, the one star review about killing cats? I get that. 100%. It was disturbing and it's one of the hardest things for me to get over a character doing. I love Baz, I do, but that wasn't necessary. It becomes even unnecessary when he learns that he doesn't have to kill what he feeds on. It really broke my hear

  3. says: PDF or EBOOK Wayward Son ì Rainbow Rowell Rainbow Rowell ↠ 8 Summary Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Rainbow Rowell

    PDF or EBOOK Wayward Son ì Rainbow Rowell I'll start with the bad: this book ends on an open cliffhanger, with no emotional resolution and very little plot resolution. The assumption is that it will set up a third book. If so, this is a slightly weak second book of a trilogy. If not, it's a very, very unsatisfying ending to Carry On.

    The good: this book is very, very funny. Rainbow has a way with words and zingers and she absolutely delivers

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    PDF or EBOOK Wayward Son ì Rainbow Rowell It felt like there was so much missing in the book. Like it had be cut in half and thrown away. The main relationship felt so real before and although I knew there would be a lot of troubles it felt so hopeless that I’m actually kind of mad

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    Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Rainbow Rowell PDF or EBOOK Wayward Son ì Rainbow Rowell Rainbow Rowell ↠ 8 Summary 3.5 4 Stars

    Angsty teens being angsty

    That's not to belittle in any way but definitely the feel I got from this book, a lot of that came from Penelope. Though we definitely get it from Baz and Simon too.

    All of them are getting older and their lives are expanding outside of the bubble they were in in school an

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    characters Wayward Son Rainbow Rowell ↠ 8 Summary Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Rainbow Rowell I love Simon. I love Baz. I love Penelope. I love Shepard. I love Ginger. I love water person. I love weird dragon lady. I love Micah. I love pixies. I love mages. I love vampires. I love fairies. I even love Lamb.

    Agatha’s tolerable.

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