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Possess AUTHOR Gretchen McNeil Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Fifteen year old Bridget Liu just wants to be left alone by her overprotective mom by Matt uinn the cute son of a local police sergeant and by the eerie voices which she can suddenly and inexplicably hear Unfortunately for Bridget the voices are demons the Biblical kind not the Buffy kind and Bridget possesses the rare ability. How much did I love this book Let me count the ways Okay I know cheesy But seriously I ve been in such a rut the past few weeks that I was discouraged I didn t want to start anything because I was afraid I d be disappointed with how it turned outAnd after a string of meh so so books this was a complete turn around It had everything I like in a book a main character that didn t annoy me humor cute boys romance and a kickass story Which I wasn t sure about at first Though I ve always been a huge fan of supernatural paranormally type stuff especially when it comes to Angels and Demons and possession I had yet to find one that actually interested or intrigued me When I was a kid my brother and I had a huge love for horror films and even though most times they scared the crap out of me I still wanted That s what this book was for me It wasn t particularly frightening but there were some seriously creepy moments that definitely had me looking into dark corners looking for shadows Or talking dollsLet me tell you a little about what happens Our MC Bridget is still reeling from the death of her father when she discovers she has the ability to communicate with ghosts Specifically demons After learning about her ability she sets off on a journey of discovery about her power about herself about love and about what really happened the night her father diedThere are a few moments that are a bit predictable There are a few points where Bridget s immaturity shines through but come on she s fifteen for goodness sake but there were so many other highlights for me that it didn t even matter I enjoyed the ride and I didn t want it to end Sadly it did but it ended well No cliffhangers No uestions A real life beginning middle and end I ve started to think authors don t know what those are any Of course the possibility for a second novel was left open which makes me happyhappyhappy but I d be fine if there wasn t one Even though I would love to see demon buttkicking and of Bridget and Matt togetherBridget was a little badass with a sharp tongue and great wit she had me laughing and crying and cheering her on There s one line in the status updates I posted that still owns me right now It was seriously perfectAnd the boy Matt uinn God he was sweet And I still can t get the picture of him in the fedora out of my head What is it about a damn fedora that s so appealing His feelings felt genuine and real and I may have swooned than once at his persistence for Bridget s attention definitely need closet time in book 2 just throwing that out thereIt wasn t just them though There were so many great characters in this book Sammy Bridget s little brother Hector her gay best friend Sergeant uinn Matt s father Fumbly little Father Santos Poor poor Peter Kim with the crush Loved them allIt s been a while since I ve thrown out the five star rating and in this case I feel the book deserved it If for nothing else than it really renewed my love for young adult fiction at a time when I didn t think there was a book left out there that would have everything I wanted in it I hope you decide to give it a chance and read and even if you disagree with how much I loved it I ll be happy if you take the chance

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Possess AUTHOR Gretchen McNeil Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook R freakish new role Bridget receives a startling message from one of the demons And when one of her oldest friends is killed Bridget realizes she's in deeper than she ever thought possible Now she must unlock the secret to the demons' plan before someone else close to her winds up dead or worse the human vessel for a demon king. If you scare easily do not read this book at night You have no idea how serious I am about this I read it in the morning and was still seriously freaked out at times although Possess was so freaking amazing that I had to keep reading That s the thing about Possess it doesn t slow down and you will be glued to the pageBridget lives in San Francisco a city that has been seeing an usually high level of demonic activity lately and attends St Michael s Prep yes a Catholic school With her uniue gift she ll learn to kick some demonic butt and banish them to Hell with the help of a certain priest However things aren t uite that simple A cryptic note given to her by demons reveals that someone near her might not be working for the greater good But demons lie right It s what she s been told one of the supposed rules of banishment although perhaps it would be best to keep an eye on the persons in uestion After all what if they re right Someone has been trying to summon one of the kings of Hell into their world and it ll be up to Bridget to put a stop to their plansBridget Liu is half Chinese half Irish and really hopes that her ability will go away so that she can be normal again She hangs out with two guys occasionally a third and her best friend Hector is gay There s also Peter Kim a boy who has been crushing on Bridget forever and it s been reaching stalker levels lately Part of me feels terrible for Peter but the other half of me really wanted Bridget to tell him off Alexa is Bridget s archenemy of sorts at St Michael s Prep and I hope Bridget goes head to head with sometime in the future as it didn t happen in Possess Lastly there s Matt Bridget s love interest son of a cop and all around good guy She s been avoiding him and he s been worrying about her as well as trying to talk to her Favorite characters Bridget and Hector hands down Bridget s younger brother Sammy admittedly wasn t my favorite person in the world but I m pretty sure that s because I couldn t imagine dealing with my younger brother at age eight again But that s family for you you ve got to love them regardlessI really loved that Possess has a constant pacing to it Once things pick up they don t slow down until you get to the ending at which point I found myself completely in love with Gretchen McNeil s writing style I wouldn t call the ending a cliffhanger but it certainly left off in such a manner that I suspect and seriously hope that there will be another book You have no idea how much I want to gush about Possess and am refraining from saying because they things I want to tell you about are spoilers Let s just say that the demons are seriously interesting and that Mr Moppet is than just a cat with an interesting namePossess really is a book that I d recommend to you It s a page turner involves demons and excorsists and has just the right amount of romance But again if you scare easily consider yourself warned As much as I want to tell you what freaked me out in Possess I think it d be better for you to read it and see

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Possess AUTHOR Gretchen McNeil Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook To banish them back to whatever hell they came from LiterallyTerrified to tell her friends or family about this new power Bridget confides in San Francisco's senior exorcist Monsignor Renault The monsignor enlists her help in increasingly dangerous cases of demonic possession but just as she is starting to come to terms with he. Creepy and fun Maybe a little campy at times so a regular book by Gretchen