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Harnessing Peacocks King Penguin Summary Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Mary Wesley creates one of the most enchanting heroines of recent literature in this story of in. Can a woman whose family holds a family conference to decide and plan her abortion manage successfully to steal away in the night and run away to make a life for herself and her unborn child It appears so Hebe lives in a uiet English village with her son Silas and manages by working as a private chef to a few elderly ladies for a few weeks at a time and a prostitute to select men a group she calls her Syndicate The latter career is of course not a well known fact and most of her clients carefully chosen communicate with her only through letters sent to a Pakistani store With her chosen lifestyle Hebe lives a uiet but contented life earning enough for the stiff tuition fees at Silas s private schoolSilas comes home for the holidays but goes off to spend 3 weeks with a friend whose family have invited him on a sailing vacation As Hebe contemplates the change in plans she decides to offer her cooking services to one of her elderly clients for the time that Silas will be away with his friend Things start to unravel when one of her clients learns that she is to be at his mother s friend s place a rather shy nephew meets Hebe a stranger meet with Silas and one of her clients becomes her friend Wonderfully humorous with a touch of whimsy

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Harnessing Peacocks King Penguin Summary Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook On of her illegitimate child What follows is at times poignant touching and in the end surprisin. Wesley s 3rd of 10 published novel for adults and for me one of her top 3 or 4 whose small flaws eg line and paragraph spacing as raised in are really immaterial given the uality of the read the dialogue and plot It s one of my favourite reads fiction or non fiction of the last five yearsI liked this one so much I bought the hardback edition having read it in pb such was my feeling that this is a keeperWhat to say that doesn t give the game away Let s start here The novel is hard to classify in genre It has comic elements certainly thriller and mystery elements too and a lot of social criticism explicit or as often with Wesley implicit for the reader to catch interpret and make of as she sees fitBut if a category is needed perhaps the nearest is personal adventure story It has uite a lot in common with the picaresue novels at the outset of the whole broad genre of long prose fictionBorn into a cold and to put it mildly unsupportive family a young woman breaks free and makes her own way through life by whatever means she can She builds up her life and employment skills with the help of the friendly people she chances across testing whatever doors she can find open esp if they have relatively welcoming people at them To make ends meetIt is never a wholly safe or stable life and presents many scrapes and precarious episodesThe book is daring even for 1985 England particularly in its candid inclusion of some of the not universally socially acceptable ways Hebe makes ends meet There is also uite a lot of frank demotic in this novel as throughout Wesley s oeuvre Hardly recommended for those of a prudish disposition There are of course just such morally adventurous female characters in the tradition notably English 18thc novels But while it is as always with this author left to readers to reach their own moral or moralising conclusions will you be as unremittingly harsh as many of Wesley s parental figures my own conclusion is that Hebe is presented as one of Wesley s outright heroines Not merely one of her central female figures but an admirable inspiring figureHowever harshly she is dealt with in childhood onwards she always seeks to play fair with those she meets and or less befriend her as far as her often parlous lifestyle allows She shows those paramount Wesleyan virtues of spirit courage resilience fortitude resourcefulness and surprisingly fair play despite travails and vicissitudes experienced When she can t take it she moves on in her little car trying to avoid damage Given the difficulties and obstructions placed in the path of a young woman trying to make her own way under her own steam not to mention the gauntlet of moral disapproval she constantly runs and threats of showdown exposure and ruin this is clearly heroine class behaviour in the eyes of the author And I have to say mine tooMary Wesley s novels generally are marked by a high degree of self centred subjectivity on the part of the characters Even the heroines The moral difference is often how far the self centredness is damaging even purposefully callously damaging to others to others even who are in one s care parents and guardians towards children and wards as opposed to an essential vital self interest in finding viable ways to cope to survive and where possible flourish despite adversity opposition and not rarely considerable malice To me Hebe certainly comes emphatically under the second definition And the subjectivity It may be blindness the hamartia of ancient tragedy It is often often a marked degree of self deception usually inadvertent Even this writer s most affectionately painted heroines habitually fool themselves tend to imagine situations characters feelings that are not so eg falling victim to wishful thinking ignoring warning signs This adds sparkle and hazard to the storylines The subjectivity of less admirable characters may be something closer to monstrous grasping selfishness with no regard whatsoever to the trauma caused to others But of course right or wrong repugnant admirable acceptable or unfair play all such verdicts on characters are ultimately left to Wesley s readers She typically presents sky high moral emotional stakes where any decision a character takes may have immense conseuences Those who may appear pleasant may have hidden skeletons those who live on the margins may live by socially taboo codes but appear in the end honourable in their dealings with others Wesley makes the reader work fairly hard to reach definitive assessments and these may be complexBy all accounts Wild Mary herself was a free spirit There is always mischief afoot also in her writing Out to shock That certainly too Especially as regards sexual behaviour and sexual choices There is cruel fun in evidence in places including cruel ironies in the turns of the characters lives Exploitation abandonment deprivation hurt and death are common A criticism sometimes levelled at this author is that she is wantonly malicious playing nasty tricks on even her most admirable characters and creating some unsympathetic traits in most when not painting wholly unsympathetic personalities some of whom are downright alienating I think this misunderstands Wesley s ways as a writer also her intentions as an author She creates complexities of plot and in characterisation Some characters fall under the worst possible variations of self centredness and subjectivity as discussed above There are some out and out villains though not many But many even the best characters have weaknesses in perception psychology and social uncertainty often related to background and circumstancesOne might therefore argue that an alienated reader who finds all the characters unsympathetic and no plots satisfactory was possibly looking for something too comforting too unproblematic too pastoral or bucolic than these 10 novelsMary Wesley takes a puckish ludic approach to the figures and storylines she creates Even towards her most engaging central characters heroines for all their limitations She set them loose in their lives To behave conform wriggle or play fair or foul as they mightAnd as readers we can consider how they go about their lives how they act how they treat others without necessarily being fixed in our judgments between one extreme or the other A great advantage of literature is that it is always simulation for example no real person actually gets hurt But also it is experimentation and test Part of Wesley s puckish mischief appears to be to ask Well reader will you be any less harsh less condemning than the often jealous society we see in this novelThere is in Harnessing Peacocks as elsewhere a strong sense of a world without a central guiding principle the devout characters the pillars of society tend to emerge as the greatest hypocrites and exploiters of others in any case and might not follow that principle if it were evident A world without stable reliable universal meaning That world often appears to buffet the best of them best I mean in terms of fair play honesty however unconventional transgressive of that rarely fair society s norms as well as affecting warm for all their faults likeable in personality it appears to buffet the best the worst of all as they attempt to build a life of their own to create from considerable chaos some existence of cohesion coherence reliable fixed points and affectionAnd so it is with Hebe To me one of Wesley s most endearing of all characters

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Harnessing Peacocks King Penguin Summary Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Dependence wit and sensuality Nineteen year old Hebe flees her family to avoid the forced aborti. I think I read almost all of Mary Wesley s books several years ago This was one of the most entertaining