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Free download Ø Legend by Jude Deveraux í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Jude Deveraux ↠ 6 Download Free read Legend by Jude Deveraux G manNow it's Kady's turn to enlist his help to find a way back home But before long Kady discovers a passion that she knows can only live in Legend until Cole reveals a secret that unites them in a way Kady never could have imagine. A very interesting readA very interesting entertaining read This is not my first time rereading Legend and still has the power to pull me in I will admit that there are uestions left unanswered in my thoughts but you still feel the hea is valid and there A very enjoyable experience

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Free download Ø Legend by Jude Deveraux í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Jude Deveraux ↠ 6 Download Free read Legend by Jude Deveraux To Kady was in the dusty western town of Legend Colorado where a hanging was about to commence With uick wits and than a little moxie Kady halts the proceedings much to the relief of one Cole Jordan a tall thankful and very appealin. SynopsisElizabeth Kady Long is 30 years old an accomplished chef and engaged to handsome Gregory Norman her employer s son While shopping for her wedding she impulsively buys a large dusty tin box at an antiue shop When she pries it open she discovers an 1873 wedding dress and underpinnings together with a photo of a family Intrigued she can t resist trying on the dress and when she does she s drawn back into the past The year is 1873 the place is Legend Colorado and Cole Jordan is about to be hangedI loved this book It kept me on my toes the entire time I couldn t put it downThis is a beautiful romance daring adventure and wonderfully written U ll gasp at the things that happen I bet u will definitely like Legend Time travel is the best when there is a hot guy involved Although the time travel bit does not really make any logical sense but who care The characters came alive for meShe has written the 3 best books I have ever read Legend Remembrance and Knight in Shining Armor

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Free download Ø Legend by Jude Deveraux í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Jude Deveraux ↠ 6 Download Free read Legend by Jude Deveraux Her wedding fast approaching celebrated chef Kady Long knew she was the luckiest woman aliveuntil she slipped into a delicate satin wedding dress she found in an antiue flour tin and was overcome by an odd dizzy spell When she came. Reread January 2016 25 Originally read 2004 4 While I normally don t knock down stars for my rereads I had to do it with this one I guess over 10 years tastes evolve D My biggest issue with this one was that it reuires endless amounts of belief suspension So while it was an enjoyable read overall these MAJOR flaws really took away from my enjoyment and distracted me endlessly Where do I start I won t go into a summary since that is available at the top of the page I will dive into the critiue If you don t want spoilers please don t read on First of all the heroine Kady was not very relatable She is a cook but she is absolutely OBSESSED with food and cooking to the point of distraction She goes out with her friendsfianc only to say that she feels like she s wasted her time and should have been in her kitchen instead Ok so there we have her would rather be cooking than socializing with friends and boyfriend a mousy loser right off the bat Sorry that is mean and harsh but COME ON Then we have to listen to her incessant babble about how she is fat and unattractiveonly to say that she has a size 14 top and bottom but size 4 waist What kind of figure do you have woman To my understanding and imagination that s the hourglass figure out of a comic strip Ok either way that s fine doesn t even sound so bad so why is she complaining She then goes on to say that a few years back for Halloween she dressed up as a prostitute and this is when her cooking school classmates started noticing her Ummmm WHAT So this shy mousy girl who only cares about cooking and hates her body dressed up as a hooker for Halloween Really I m to believe this For all the talk that she is not attractive all of a sudden Kady is causing a time wide commotion From her trip to the past to her present in Alexandria and New York Kady has men falling all over her So much for her being fat and unattractive her words not mine I found the book to be lacking romance in the sense that she is with some guy constantly whether it be her douche fianc or Cole or Tarik but it is NOT the hero Tarik until the very end Tarik and Kady get very little time together for us to see their romance blossom and develop The whole Cole is dead died at 9 but he is a ghost and the whole town is a ghost town and Kady goes back in time 150 years and visits this ghost town made very little sense unless you suspended belief and just read for the sake of reading How did a dead boy create a ghost town in which he is in his 30 s And how do items from this ghost town that never existed keep resurfacing 150 years later marriage certificate wedding dress Cole s cabin in the woods Cole and Kady get married in the fakeghost town in 1850 s and this marriage certificate shows up with Tarik in 1990 s How could this marriage certificate show up 150 years later when this never actually happened since Cole is a ghost and the whole town didn t exist how could there be a marriage certificate showing a man who DIED at 9 got married at 30 Again I m all for suspension of belief if things are going to make sense in the endBut if the author provides NO explanation I get really annoyed They go back in time to fix things so that Cole and his family don t get killed However by doing that they would have prevented Ruth from sleeping with Tarik s grandfather thereby preventing the conceiving of Tarik s father hence in present time Tarik wouldn t exist The author fixes this by having Tarik find his grandfather and telling him that he MUST seduce Ruth a married woman and that she must have a child this year this would be Tarik s dad Ummmm this is how the author ensures that Tarik still exists when they come back to the future OK I get it But how realistic is that The only reason Ruth slept with Tarik s grandfather before was because she was grieving over her killed husband and children If her family doesn t get killed which is what Kady went back in time to accomplish why would the non grieving Ruth cheat on her ALIVE husband I guess she would do it because the author told her toAnyways it was things like these that spoiled the book for me the second time around first time I guess I just didn t care I call this carelessness and personally find that it distracts from all the good that I saw in the book initially I hate when the thoughts I m left with are Wowwell that made no sense