Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien (FREE)

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  • Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien
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Alfred Jarry ¶ 6 Summary

Alfred Jarry ¶ 6 Summary Free read Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB T et de la science de son temps l’ouvrage fut écrit en 1897 1898 et définit la Pataphysiue « science des solutions imaginaires » ui culmine dans le calcul de la surface de DieuAinsi la Pataphysiue née avec Ubu parmi les garnements du lycée de Rennes atteint elle une dimension ubuniverselle Fondée sur les deux manuscrits existants révisée et mise à jour cette édition propose un riche commentaire avec documents illustrés éclairant auss. Since by the laws of pataphysics each thing defines and supersedes it s opposite thing this worst of all novels because lacking an acceptable narrative or believable characters or a coherent point is of course the greatest of all novels for its scientific complexity utterly trivial silliness homage to so many friends send up of Sir john Mandeville s travels and the finest drawn of all louacious characters in the history of literature Bosse de Nage the butt cheek faced baboon cabin boy of the bed sieve boat that sails upon land into and beyond time and space at last to find God through the mathematical geometrical formulae of lord Kelvin I would have added Ha Ha but decided in this instance to hold my tongue and to make no further comment It is obvious by now that I am a descendant of this novel s protagonist except the Americans misspelled my last name somewhat Up to now the disguise seems to be working

Free read Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien

Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien

Alfred Jarry ¶ 6 Summary Free read Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB I bien les allusions à la vie littéraire de l’époue ue la langue somptueuse de Jarry et ses emprunts à Rabelais ou aux grands scientiues u’il lisait assidûment« Société de recherches savantes et inutiles » le Collège de Pataphysiue institué en 1948 a réuni ou réunit encore des esprits aussi originaux ue Raymond ueneau Marcel Duchamp Ionesco ou Arrabal mais aussi des érudits hors norme ui entre autres ont fondé les études jarryue. Either I am too stupid or this book is stupid Am I stupid No is this book stupid Well define stupid I use this word actually to point some facts pretentious too visual but not in the surrealist Boris Vian kind of visual tries to joggle with the idea of journey At least in a journey book you get some interesting story everywhere where the hero lands Here there are only boring descriptions if you don t know all those characters uite accurately you stand no chance The preface and the postface say there are allegories concerning those to me unknown artists but Gauguin where there was no allegory and Mallarme where i did not get itI stopped reading before i got the chance to throw it away

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Alfred Jarry ¶ 6 Summary Free read Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll pataphysicien í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB « Tout est dans Faustroll affrmait Boris Vian y compris la manière de cuire un mouton vivant jusu’à la halte du cuit à point»Le Faustroll est le maître livre d’Alfred Jarry Au cours de sa navigation sur terre ferme le savant docteur révèle au singe Bosse de Nage « ui ne savait de parole humaine ue ha ha » à l’huissier Panmuphle ui consigne tout par écrit et au lecteur les plus singulières uintessences de la littérature de l’ar. I was sadly disappointed by this book I had high expectations but found the reading experience largely tedious My principal critiue would have to be that though the book is outrageous and silly and thus appears to court laughs it s actually mostly unfunnyIt has produced a significant conflict within me I have at a certain time past written a certain work with only one guiding principle do not limit or constrain one s creativity in any way That is I aimed to write without any concern for practicality of execution without forcing the work to make any degree of sense and without meeting any definition of what such a work should accomplish I found the results satisfying though the final text remains secreted on a metaphorical shelf hidden from prying eyesPoint Two I also generally believe that an artist should be entirely uncompromising and thus should not give any regard to audienceIn this book Exploits etc Jarry is absolutely unconstrained in fact far beyond what I thought unconstrained could mean He is also entirely uncompromising So I should like the result right Or else I should uestion my own principals perhapsWell noIn fact I think I will enjoy this book in retrospect than I did while in the process of actually reading it Will it undergo a similar transformation within my mind to what Even Dwarves Started Small the Herzog Film did Only time will tell In the case of that film I profoundly disliked watching it and it irked me greatly but then I found myself talking about the film far often than I d have expected and then I suspected that I really liked it and my obsession with it virtually proved that the film had had a profound impact on me Well hummmBut here s another reflection Faustroll is not surrealism but it may be regarded as a sort of proto surrealism as the surrealists were inspired by Jarry and his works But anyway there is a sort of literaturefilmartwhatever which is difficult to label some might call it surrealism or absurdism or dadaism or Oulipo or weirdism or whatever and it doesn t uite matter that proponents of these various schools and movements disagreed strongly in their theories intentions self images and definitions Let s just call it surrealism for now just for kicks and that will be the starting point for my next paragraphOne example of a faith that I hold is that surrealism is not a gimmick and it s unfair to regard it as one Conventional narrative can include a near infinite variety of products good and bad effective and affective or their opposites without limit to the forms that can be produced yet many forms may group themselves around the genericcliche Anyway if we see surrealism as not a gimmick but an alternative way then there could be as many or infinite forms effects and affects etc etc I bore myself sometimes as what can be produced within conventional narrative There s no particular reason why the world could not produce and publish 30000 surrealist novels every year with as much variance in uality and content as we see among conventional works like The Pelican Brief and Tristram Shandy the latter being very odd but NOT surreal and thus conventional in only this limited sense plus it was a bestseller in its day so oddly enough mainstreamSo the point is not all odd books are of a class They can widely vary in degree of accomplishment and in what they attempt to achieve But critiuing them can be a pain in the ass and evaluation can be an aesthetic judgment that does not readily lend itself to the conventional terms used in critiuing conventional worksDr Faustroll didn t deliver a form of greatness that I can uite enjoy or appreciate while I allow for the fact that this somewhat adolescent antic of a book was provocative enough to inspire later accomplished works to venture into previously unexplored territoryI say this despite the fact that this book reminds me of me far than I enjoy having to admit