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  • Paperback
  • 440
  • Arrow's Flight
  • Joel Scott
  • English
  • 11 April 2020
  • 9781770414266

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Characters Arrow's Flight Download ß Arrow's Flight 102 Crime and adventure on the high seasJared Kane is a West Coast commercial fisherman whose life has been plagued by bad luck and blackout drinking When he inherits Arrow an old 46 foot wooden sailboat he sees a chance for redemption With his friend from prison Danny MacLean Jared plans an offshore voyage sail. A well written suspenseful novel of crime mystery and adventure on the Pacific coast Put it on your Summer Reading List now Full review

Characters Arrow's Flight

Arrow's Flight

Characters Arrow's Flight Download ß Arrow's Flight 102 Ratic care of his grandfather a Haida elder who won’t speak English On the search for safe haven with the would be killers hot on their tail Jared finds himself with no good choices but to run south ill prepared poorly provisioned and crewed by a silent old man and an injured friend strapped into his bunk. It was a good book but it had too much of sailing and boat stuff that a landlubber like me would not understandStill well written and engaging book with a even plot

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Characters Arrow's Flight Download ß Arrow's Flight 102 Ing from Vancouver down the Pacific Coast to California and out into the South Pacific But that bad luck rears its ugly head Danny is attacked and left for dead and when the unknown assailants attempt to finish the job Jared is forced to flee aboard Arrow with Danny lying helpless in his berth under the er. The best thing about this book is that it s very easy to read I got into it right away and when I had to put it down to do other stuff I could get right back into it again easily Summary An adventure caper The protagonists are Canadian commercial fishermen living somewhat on the edge of the law A chance encounter with bad guys forces them to leave on a sail boat However the baddies come after them all the way to the South Seas Cons The plot and story is a bit predictable even a bit cheesy You know the kind where the good guys drinks tons of alcohol gets the girls and beats the bad guys All the boxes are checked there s a friendly cop who turns a blind eye and even the savage but loyal dog All the women friends are pretty and athletic and the guys are badasses Still I liked the characters and enjoyed the whole boating trip with them The thing is this book isn t trying to be anything else if you are not looking for cerebral entertainment but rather an enjoyable read I d definitely recommend this bookI got this as a free ARC