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Free download Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1) Vi Voxley Á 7 Download characters Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1) ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Race and Terran females she's not exactly thrilled And it doesn't get any better when she's marked as the mate of not one but two of the greatest warlords the planet has to offer or does it Harbor and Cole have nothing but begrudging respect for one another Yet when they discover they share a fated and then a child they're going to have. Riley is a journalist who wants to be part of the action not reporting on romance When she is sent to report on the bonds forming between Terran women and Gorgan men she gets action than she expected She gets up close and personal with the story when she meets her two mates Cole and HarborI like the sci fi romance genre The men are usually really alpha and protective of their mates especially in this author s books With this menage you get two men which is even better This story goes in an interesting direction and I won t ruin the surprise I really liked the characters and that the chapters alternate with each of the three main characters getting an opportunity to narrate and share their story Cole and Harbor are very competitive in nature so this is not an easy adjustment but they know the bonds form for the right reasons There is some good action in the story too I really liked how introspective the story was and that you really felt connected to the charactersI am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received

Free download Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1)Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1)

Free download Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1) Vi Voxley Á 7 Download characters Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1) ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB To learn to get along It's easier said than done With a vicious enemy out to destroy Riley and Octava along with it the two savage warriors need to learn to cope with one another while protecting their surprise baby and a mate who doesn't seem at all willing to divulge her past Will their differences push them together or pull them apar. ALIEN WARLORDS BABY by Vi Voxley was a fun read This was my first introduction to the Gargons and they are as sexy and intimidating as the Brions but obviously likely to share The story seemed well put together and I enjoyed the imagery produced The attraction and interactions between Riley Cole and Harbor were well developed and I loved the building of suspense and battle scenesLike all of Voxley s stories there s a strong science fiction battle element that helps drive the story without making the relationship the central focus The sex scenes were scintillating and the emotion with Mya was well done And Magorra made for a great villainSince I ve been exposed to the Brion universe this one was a bit off kilter for me in that I wasn t uite sure what was going on between the Alliance and the Iron League and could have used background there Perhaps in the next storyI received an ARC of this story because well I m greedy and don t like to wait

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Free download Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1) Vi Voxley Á 7 Download characters Alien Warlords Baby (Warlords of Octava, #1) ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB For the warlords it was never about anything other than her and their baby Riley North has done all that she can The curvy talented journalist has been all over the universe covering one war and conflict after another No wonder that when she's sent to Octava to report on peculiar fated mate bonds between a rough brutally handsome warrior. Alien Warlords BabySciFi Menage Surprise Baby Romance Warlords of Octava Book 1by Vi Voxley This is a fantastic sci fi romance I wish I knew the words to say about this book that would do it justice I enjoy reading all of Vi Voxley books but this one can be one of my favorite I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fabulous emotional sexy intriguing and interesting book it s the type of alien romance that I love to read its well written with the kind of emotions romantic Awesome story that I absolutely enjoy reading it has drama suspense intrigue action threats gorgeous aliens that are protective strong and their mate didn t surprise them years later with a baby this story has one of the best twisted that I have enjoyed reading Vi Voxley creates some of the best alien worlds that I m so in love with Harbor and Cole they are a rough brutally handsome warrior race Their bonded mate is Riley North a curvy talented journalist from Terran The story itself is phenomenal as it s a great page turner as well You have the sexual tension between the three of them that burns up the pages whenever they are together But you have powerful underlying themes about family I enjoy how Vi Voxley details the other species and everything else is detailed without being overwhelming you can imagine yourself being on the ship and looking at the alien world the smell of blood the noise of their fighting even the house that they live in I enjoy Vi Voxley writing as much as I enjoy her characters I am looking forward to reading stories of this series and visiting to Octava plus Riley Harbor Cole and their children I certainly recommend this book to readers that like to read a phenomenal alien romance with a HEA and some interesting surprises I voluntarily reviewed this book because I love sharing my thoughts with my fellow readers