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Free read 저녁의 구애 Free read º eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Hye-Young Pyun Hye-Young Pyun ´ 7 characters Job performance has no significance while taking refuge in taking care of an abandoned rabbit to a man who finally expresses his love to discover that his expression frightened him than his fe. He would from time to time get a paper cut and that was the only type of scar he d ever haveEvening Proposal by Pyun Hye Young is another in the very worthwhile Dalkey Archive Library of Korean Literature and the 16th of the 26 book series I have readThis is a short story collection 8 stories all a very uniform 20 24 pages This is an important genre in Korean literature arguably the dominant one but not my personal favourite form and that rather influenced my view of the book The stories seem to stop just as they get going and while there is some commonality of theme these are ultimately individual stories originally published separately in various publications before being bought together in this collection and if anything some of the common themes wore a little with repetition However I very much look forward to the forthcoming novels in English from Pyun Hye YoungThe translation is by Park Youngsuk and Gloria Cosgrove Smith both new to me It certainly reads well although there was the odd awkward phrase For example the opening story features the odd English phrase older alumnus multiple 20 times This would be a literal translation of the Korean but it is a much natural and common term in Korean and here in English mentor senior superior would all work much better Even odder checking the Korean the word used appears to be which anyway is closer to the English words I suggested Translators such as the inaugral MBI winning Deborah Smith Jung Yewon at the highly literary end of the spectrum and Sora Kim Russell for natural English prose have rather raised the bar on Korean English and this isn t in that league Indeed one can make a direct comparison in the opening story as Sora Kim Russell has also translated it albeit under the rather odd title O Cuniculi at Words Without Borders Korean original also here Taking a key line for example The Korean original The translation in this book You must catch and brings back the targeted object the older alumnus continued It s as simple as that What to catch and what to do with it afterwards broil boil throw away or stuff making those decisions isn t the role for a hunting dog nosing through the woods It is for the owner who orders and watches Therefore all the dog has to do is run in the field even to his death until he makes the catchRabbit TombSora Kim Russell s version reads naturally and compactly You retrieve the game The master decides what to catch and whether to roast it boil it toss it out or stuff it Not the hunting dog racing through the woods The master gives the command then watches as you run like mad until the game is caught Rabbit Tomb O CuniculiRabbit Tomb was actual my favourite of the stories although in part because I read it first before several other similar tales A rather haunting tale of the futile empty and monotonous life of a clerical worker sent on assignment to a distant city and his own self comparison to an abandoned rabbit he finds in a city park As he gazed into the eyes relief at the thought that he was not the only one in this world with eyes red from exhaustion washed over him from the Kim Russell versionThe other stories can be summarised as For him the real disasters disasters far worse than earthuakes or tsunamis were the occasions when the flowers in the shop faded before he could sell them the misfortune he feared was the misfortune that affected only him while the rest of the world was well and safeEvening proposalA rather cynical flower seller is forced to wait late into the evening at a funeral parlour while an elderly man who he knew many years ago stubbornly cling on to life Meanwhile he conduct his love life the evening proposal over the phone His heart pounded as he frantically opened the door of the copy room thirty minutes later than usual The rest of the world remained calmly unaware of his being late for the first time in his life He would from time to time get a paper cut and that was the only type of scar he d ever haveMonotonous lunchThis contains my favourite line in the book a wonderful description of the rather sad and empty state to which humankind has been reduced by clerical work It took them uite a while to find a word with only two syllables starting with b which meant an unnecessary or useless thing Would you like to take a tour busAnother in the pointlessness of most jobs theme as two office workers are sent on an odd assignment to take a mysterious package to an unknown destination It wasn t the sudden flight of birds or even the thought of a wild boar that stopped him walking on the forest It was the mayflies that hovered around himOut for a walk One of the dystopian and disturbing stories and closer to Pyun s earlier work as an office worker and his wife are sent to a rural branch office where they find nature invading their lives There are no legal issues here he had asked not being aware in three beginning that uestioning Baik s orders wouldn t be appreciated Later he came to realise that Baik regarded that uestion as an expression of agreement He only wished that the accounting methods weren t illegal or if they were illegal they d at least be handled clandestinelyJungle GymAn accountant who has been cooking the books for his boss is sent out of town on a business trip before the auditors arrive The old sofa was a symbol of their cramped tiresome life in company housing tucked away in a small cityFinally she chose a beige sofa designed for a four member family The leather upholstery was strong it soft It looked like the delicious layers of a freshly baked pie and it seemed it couldn t possibly contain any spiral shaped springs nailed wood or cheap sponge This beige sofa was to represent Jin and Seo s new life togetherRoom With A Beige SofaJin who has been managing a regional branch office for a number of years is much to his relief being transferred back to Seoul with his new wife Seo and their 100 day old baekil baby But en route they get tangled up with some local rowdy youth and the bright lights of Seoul remain literally just out of sight Prior to the expiration date its assumed that the condition is perfectly maintained Right after the expiration date it s assumed that the condition has immediately broken down At that point we discard them regardlessCanning FactoryAnother in the why do we bother theme although with a twist The plant manager of a canning factory whose workers don t just can the goods they are supposed to suddenly disappears and a senior worker Park takes his place Just like the opening story Park finds himself doing exactly the things his predecessor did and the story collection as well as life comes full circleWorthwhile

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Free read 저녁의 구애 Free read º eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Hye-Young Pyun Hye-Young Pyun ´ 7 characters Evening Proposal is a collection of eight stories about the grim and often faceless nature of urban life Faintly reminiscent of Franz Kafka the stories range from a man who discovers that his. 25 starsWith the Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang South Korea I thought it would be fitting to read a work of Korean literature during the month of February and a collection of short stories from an author that is advertised as a modern Franz Kafka definitely sounded appealing I am very much fond of works that are outside of the box and absurdist as well so for its face value this collection looked like it was just what I was looking for Unfortunately I felt that this collection was mediocre at best While the concepts were great the characters were zero dimensional While giving little depth to these characters could be a strategy there was nothing that these characters had to offer that gave me the reader any interest to want to continue reading forwardThe stories in this collection wereRabbit s Tomb A man takes in an abandoned rabbit and cares for it all while he is neglecting what he has found to be an insignificant job There was an interesting snippet about how and why rabbit s are freuently abandoned as pets and how children are known for getting bored of what ever animal it is they get as a pet but specifically rabbitsEvening Proposal Kim and his friend are preparing a funeral for a dying man all while he is preparing to turn down a commitment to someone he is datingMonotonous Lunch A man is stuck in his routine of eating the same lunch taking the same train and fulfilling the same kind of job in a copy room day after day Will a sudden death that happens right before this man s eyes change that routineWould You Like to Take a Tour Bus S and K work with storage compartments as movers What happens when they find themselves on a tour busOut for a Walk A man and his pregnant wife move into new living uarters in order to fulfill his job but there is a guard dog within the uarters that is bound to be a handful for this coupleJungle Gym A man s confidence is tested through a business tripRoom with a Beige Sofa Jin his wife Seo and their baby adjust to living in a new houseCanning Factory The strict but punctual plant manager of a canning factory does not show up one day drawing suspicion on his disappearanceA lot of these concepts were interesting and I feel that this material will be subject to rereading and studying for its use of absurdism at some point in time As works that exercise your mind and are meant to be thought about critically this did a good job As stories though they were difficult to get through with uninteresting characters and a vague ability to set the scene I feel that with a writer like Franz Kafka the information we learned about him and his ability to not limit his boundaries had an impact on how we saw his writing I would even say that George Saunders writes in a similar manner and with a work like The Semplica Girl Diaries it explores an outlandish idea but it connects to a very logical argument These stories do not engage in this practice They are very dullI may return to looking over some of these works at some point in time but for now I did not enjoy this and would not encourage others to check this out There are so many other better absurdist writers like Franz Kafka George Saunders and Lewis Carroll

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Free read 저녁의 구애 Free read º eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Hye-Young Pyun Hye-Young Pyun ´ 7 characters Ar in anticipating the event Evening Proposal reissues the warning that the orderliness and system that civilization created in order to confront nature's chaos is in fact the hell of monotony. Pyun Hye Young s Evening Proposal translated by Youngsuk Park and Gloria Cosgrove Smith electronic review copy courtesy of Dalkey Archive Press is yet another work from the Library of Korean Literature series Once again we have a collection of short stories eight in total each about twenty pages long and while the pieces have no real connection in terms of characters or content there are some strong themes running throughout the collectionOne of these is repetition with several of the protagonists trapped in a mind numbing circular existence However trapped is probably the wrong word here as they are often uite content to do the same thing day in day out as typified by the hero of Monotonous Lunch The same thing for lunch every day Every day he ate the same thing the Set A menu from the cafeteria in the School of Liberal Arts And the Set A menu was always the same It included rice soup kimchi and three side dishes The three side dishes did consist of something different each day but the overall menu was so similar from one day to the next that by the time he was on his way home he could barely remember what side dishes he d eatenchokengtitiktitikchokeng49 Monotonous Lunch Dalkey Archive Press 2016Don t feel too sorry for our hapless friend changing his routine or his diet makes him nervous and even when a major disruption occurs in his life the only way he knows how to react is to crawl off to his small office to await the dawning of a new dull dayAnother story based on repetition is Canning Factory in which the Plant Manager s disappearance gradually turns into a realisation that life goes on The worker who was the last to see him gradually usurps his position almost without wanting to ending up in his boss s old company dormitory along with some sealed cans I wonder what s inside Here we see a life of work for the sake of it with the cans gradually spreading into the workers lives to the extent that they prefer eating the stodge inside to better uality foodWork is a constant thread running through Pyun s stories and in many of them there s a heavy focus on doing what you re told without asking uestions This results in some bizarre situations where K Lit meets Kafka and the opening piece Rabbit Tomb is Exhibit A with a worker sent on a short term stay to another town to gather information discovering that life in the office can be rather anonymousThe office was like an enormous beehive composed of endless divisions subdivided by cubicles It was arranged by region and city and each cubicle was marked with a section indicator and a seat number so that it could be easily locatedchokengtitiktitikchokeng11 Rabbit Tomb In this lonely corporate atmosphere there are no conversations apart from when the worker hands in his useless pieces of paper every day Unable to contact his predecessor whom he knows is still in the town he spends most of his time caring for a rabbit he found in the local park but towards the end of his stay he senses that this may not have been the first time that these events have occurred His actions unexpectedly may not have been as free as he thoughtThere are several stories in the collection based on work life and the obligations it entails In Jungle Gym an accountant is told to take a business trip mainly to get him away from snooping investigators back at the office Our hapless friend obligingly goes and that s about it Would You Like to Take a Tour Bus pushes the idea to the next level as two low level workers K S are asked by their boss to deliver a sealed sack to a remote location As they change from trains to buses always waiting for a call telling them where to go next the boss himself is receiving orders from his own superiors the pair begin to wonder what s actually in the sack and whether the smell that s following them is coming from the contentsWhile most of the stories are enjoyable I wouldn t say they re all successful Room with a Beige Sofa sees a couple s drive to their new home interrupted by car trouble but the initial tense tone soon fizzles out into a weak ambiguous ending Similarly the title story Evening Proposal has a flower shop owner obliged by past ties make a journey to see a dying man The reader is left to fill in the gaps between his conversations with an old colleague and the man s own girlfriend and the story never uite seems to workPyun is at her best when it all turns creepy and one of my favourite stories Out for a Walk dials that up to eleven This one is centred on the experiences of a businessman transferred to a country town and caught between the presence of a friendly dog and the sensitivities of his pregnant wife it makes sense trust me Needing to resolve the issue he goes for a long walk only to discover that nature is very different to how it looks in moviesHis foot was caught and again he fell scraping his already sore knees He stepped on a patch of slippery grass slid and fell again His sides throbbed with pain and still the mayflies continued their attack He didn t realize until he was out of breath that he couldn t escape from them no matter how fast he ran because they weren t merely chasing him They were swarming all over him They were nesting in himchokengtitiktitikchokeng110 Out for a Walk Would you believe me if I said that it only gets worse from hereOne of the features of the latest batch of the Library of Korean Literature offerings is extended commentaries by literary critics but not for the first time I found this one a little convoluted Kim Hyeong jung s take on Pyun s stories revels in the decay and ooze found in her work rather than any respectable person should the main problem here though is that the commentary actually focuses on the writer s earlier books It gives an insight into what else Pyun has been up to but it s not of much use in looking at this collectionHowever even if there are a few weak points there s a lot to like about Evening Proposal It s marked by a straight forward tone telling unusual stories about people sleep walking through their lives even when confronted by bizarre events and when Pyun gets it right the stories certainly leave an impression There s of her work coming in English with Sora Kim Russell s translation of the novel The Hole out in August in the US from Arcade Publishing On the basis of this one I think it might be work keeping an eye out for