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  • 04 February 2018
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Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Carol Berg Carol Berg ´ 4 Read characters Ash and Silver The Sanctuary Duet #2 The safety of the earth and the future of the war riven kingdom of Navronne He just can’t remember how or why Fighting to unravel the mysteries of his power Lucian must trace threads of corruption that reach from the Pureblood Registry into the Order itself the truth hidden two centuries in the past and beyond the boundaries of the wor. At the edge of the eastern sea the Fortress Evenide holds the Order of the Knights of the Ash Greenshank is a paratus one level below a knight and is working day and night to be deemed ready for promotion Greenshank is completely loyal to the Knights of the Ash in part because he has to be He has no memory of any life before two years ago when he was brought to the citadel Then one day returning from an assignment he is accosted by an otherworldly woman a Danae and she calls him Lucien de RemeniAsh and Silver is the second book in Carol Berg s SANCTUARY series I m not sure what to say about it except that if you have liked Berg s other work you will like this one Everything she does well is here against the backdrop once again of a plau Read More

characters Ash and Silver The Sanctuary Duet #2Ash and Silver The Sanctuary Duet #2

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Carol Berg Carol Berg ´ 4 Read characters Ash and Silver The Sanctuary Duet #2 Of rigorous training he is almost ready to embrace the mission of the Order to use selfless magic to heal the troubles of Navronne But on his first assignment alone the past comes racing back threatening to drown him in conspiracy grief and murder He is Lucian de Remeni a sorcerer whose magical bents for portraiture and history threaten. A few words about this book Several years ago she wrote a duology about a young wastrel named Valen who is addicted to drugs and on the run from his family Obviously there is much there that resonates with me and the Lighthouse Duology became two of my favorite books ever Berg is one of those writers who likes to keep it fresh and exciting much like Guy Gavriel Kay she completes a project and then starts over with a fresh world new characters a new system of magic and new challenges Never once did I think she would return to Navronne and to Valen Then a couple years ago she announced that she would indeed be exploring Navronne again in a companion seriesI have to admit that made me groan If there is one thing I like than falling in love with a character it is having the promise of books featuring said character A new duology set in Navronne but void of Valen It seemed a sort of torture There is room for about Valen the ending of Breath and Bone seemed poised to be the perfect spring from which a new duet could emergeAnd then I read Dust and LightLucian is the complete opposite of my favorite rampaging drug addict He never met a rule he didn t love to uphold he took his responsibilities seriously and he would never ever have repudiated his family as did Valen Lawful good types usually annoy me but there is something beautiful and pure about LucianThe world building though I am deeply amazed at how the two duets fit so seamlessly together The Sanctuary books Dust and Light and Ash and Silver fulfill the Lighthouse books and give them meaning nuance I don t know how she did this I really don t Maybe she had Lucian in mind all the while she wrote Valen Perhaps she knew the mysteries of the Sanctuary duet before she even probed the mysteries of the Lighthouse Perhaps she is a geniusI miss my drug addict wastrel Valen but throughout Ash and Silver Lucian became the bravest man I have ever met Word is that she will one day return to Navronne to finish the story to have the unstoppable Valen meet immovable Lucian to see what happens when Order meets Disorder Until that day comes I think I will go ahead and reread all the books again to see if there are any connections I missed the first three times Come join me

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Carol Berg

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Carol Berg Carol Berg ´ 4 Read characters Ash and Silver The Sanctuary Duet #2 In Dust and Light national bestselling author Carol Berg returned to the world of the award winning Flesh and Spirit Now she continues the saga of a man whose past is veiled in shadows Ever since the Order of the Euites Cineré stole his memory his name and his heart thinking about the past makes Greenshank’s head ache After two years. Ash and Silver put Carol Berg on my list of authors to watch The world she creates is rich the plot expansive and the magical and social systems intricate and complex Ash and Silver is the second book a series but it was the first book and indeed the only book by the author that I ve read I actually think the book may be enjoyable without the context of the first The protagonist who goes by Greenshank is a paratus of the reclusive and mysterious Euites Cinere whose members must not only renounce all ties to the outside world but even their very memories of it I started the book very much like Greenshank utterly unaware of who he once was and what he had once done I think it made the slow reveal of his past far interesting and probably uite a bit less frustratingAs is clear from the first few pages Greenshank is a Very Special Person with a Very Special Role in the world despite his inability to remember the smallest bit of it He s also spectacular at almost everything he does If you re opposed to Chosen Ones this may be something of a trial but despite my general dislike of the trope I found myself captivated by the mystery and intrigue of the story The plot itself is slow paced and involves the slow intertwining of disparate threads plus various betrayals schemes plots and adventures Not all of it necessarily makes sense there was one bit in particular whose illogic niggled at me throughout the story but even so I found the eventual resolution satisfyingview spoilerInek primarily Surely there was an easier way of telling Greenshank about his suspicions A way that might have you know actually worked I would suggest a conversation on the sea wall but hey there were plenty of other available options Getting yourself near dead by a charm in the hope that your student will miraculously regain his abilities and even miraculously get a message via his art is rather baroue not to mention ineffective Also am I the only one to notice that Lucian contradicts himself within a few pages on his attitude towards drawing living people hide spoiler