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Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber characters ↠ 7 review Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber And one of the power hungry duo has his own treacherous plans for it But first their fearsome apprentice must take on a bloodthirsty prison warden a cannibal gang cutthroat crime lord Jabba the Hutt and an unspeakable alien horror No one else could brave such a gauntlet of death and live But no one else is the dreaded dark side disciple known as Darth Maul. Maul sat motionless observing everything around him without giving any indication that he was doing so Although his peripheral vision still hadn t fully recovered from last night s attack he saw enough to realize that he had become the current object of everyone s attention Even the guards up in the catwalks overhead seemed to have gone on high alert each with one hand on their blasters the other resting on the small flat consoles that they wore on their belts From both inmates and guards Maul could smell a certain unmistakable commingling of fear desperation and the grinding monotony of paranoia that emerged when living things were penned up together in close uarters for indefinite spans of timeJoe Schreiber s Star Wars novels have been a mixed bag for me While I fucking loved the brutally bonkers Death Troopers I thought the preuel story of Red Harvest wasn t as strong Both horror books are gory as fuck which is clearly a signature of Schreiber s I m happy to report that Maul Lockdown was closer in uality to that of Death Troopers The action did not let upTaking place a year before the events in Episode I The Phantom Menace Maul Lockdown is set inside Cog Hive Seven a high security space prison where inmates are matched against each other as gladiator style combatants So basically it s like some kind of intergalactic Fight Club Needless to say things get bloody uicklyDarth Sidious has sent Maul in undercover to the prison as a mercenary named Jagannath aka the Tooth He must find the mysterious Iram Radiue a weapons merchant in order to purchase a nuclear device that will be delivered to Bando Gora Maul ever loyal to Master Sidious is instructed to refrain from using the Force Rather he must rely on his skills to not only complete the mission but to surviveDuring his stay in the prison system Maul meets several characters that will hinder and help him along on his mission One such individual is the powerful crime lord Jabba the Hutt It was as if the door to an asylum had been flung open inside his skull allowing a wave of incoherent screams individual cries and desperate fragmented phrases into his mind Wampas Wolf Worms bloody gore underwater battles a cannibal gang and breathless action seuences Lockdown was pure unadulturated fun Did I mention that Maul rips out a heart and crushes it with his bare hands Because he doesThis is the Star Wars prison movie you didn t know you neededMay the Force be with you

review Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber

Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber

Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber characters ↠ 7 review Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber Newest contender in this savage arena as demonic to behold as he is deadly to challenge is fighting for than just survival His do or die mission for the dark masters he serves is to capture the ultimate weapon an object capable of obliterating the Jedi and conuering the galaxySith lords Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious are determined to possess the prize. This review is courtesy of topoftheheapreviewscomIs a prison enough to hold the likes of the powerful Sith known as Darth Maul Joe Schreiber attempts to answer that uestion in Star Wars LockdownDarth Maul is a character that has captivated audiences but however didn t get the screen time nor the necessary attention in the movies to really build up who he is and how dangerous he can be Thankfully the extended universe has attempted to answer these uestions in novel formIn Lockdown Darth Maul gets sent into a prison that has been deemed inescapable in order to find and acuire an item that someone deemed almost a myth holds in his possessionThe entire story takes place in one location Star Wars readers hoping to find planet hopping epic space battles and fantastic lightsaber duels and use of the force may be shocked to find out that there really isn t anything of the sort here It s uite a stark contrast to most of the Star Wars novels with the exception of a handful of books That s not to say there isn t any use of the above but it doesn t play as much into the storyWhat you do have here is a well written tight locked room mystery type of story with a Star Wars twist on it Joe Schreiber does well here As in all of his thriller and suspense and horror he pulls you along with uick action and fast frantic pacing You really get the sense that time is of the essenceThe use of the prison as a corrupt entity to make money off the fighting of the inmates creates a good catalyst to really figure out a bit about Darth Maul He has to overcome obstacle after obstacle all without letting on that he is a force user and a Sith You almost see him break which is kind of nice Visiting inside the mind of this force user and viewing his feelings of failure and his thoughts in the face of certain death creates a bit of sympathy for this Zabrak whom you know is actually evil at heartThe characters are painted well and the emphasis on each is pressed upon you at exactly right right momentThe Bottom Line No force no lightsabers no planet hopping no star battles and yet this as the name Star Wars on it That s the beauty of this universe and the beauty of Joe Schreiber s writing It s a great book and you could easily take the Star Wars out of it and make it something else People that don t have a lot of Star Wars knowledge or would pass it up because it s a Star Wars book in general should stop and give this one a look Yes it has fantastical aliens and you ll find names like Darth Sidious and Darth Maul but those are all secondary elements The winner here is the story Star Wars or not it s just a great piece of fiction

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Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber characters ↠ 7 review Maul AUTHOR Joe Schreiber Set before the events of Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace this new novel is a thrilling follow up to Star Wars Darth PlagueisIt's kill or be killed in the space penitentiary that houses the galaxy’s worst criminals where convicts face off in gladiatorial combat while an underworld gambling empire reaps the profits of the illicit blood sport But the. I would give Star Wars Maul Lockdown by Joe Schreiber about two and a half stars I decided to round down This is the story of Darth Maul everyone s favorite underused Sith in an insidious space station prison known as Cog Hive Seven where the inmates are pitted against each other in violent battles that the galaxy gambles onI have not read the other Star Wars books by this authoras they seem to be about adding zombies to the Star Wars universe The Star Wars universe is in enough trouble from JJ Abrams I didn t see the need for zombies as wellWhy is Maul in this prison Orders from Darth Sidious And for that same reason Maul must pretend to be a highly skilled mercenary and not a Force user His goal To find an elusive arms dealer named Iram Radiue who is hiding and operating within the prisonSomost of the book is spent trying to distract us from the fact that if Maul could use his powers his mission would probably be completed in no time at all We get a lot of Maul fighting in battles to the death with various beasties and inmates for the pleasure of the galactic gamblers This is also how Jabba the Hutt gets involved As in he wants a piece of the action at Cog Hive Seven and is willing to do awful things to get itMeanwhile we re supposed to ignore the fact that Maul is gaining fame as a fighter all through the underworld and yet neither Darth Sidious aka kindly Senator Palpatine nor his master Darth Plagueis whose cat and mouse game with each other is interesting to me than most of the actions in the prison make any mention of the fact that their Sith apprentice is gaining notoriety And it makes the fact that the Jedi couldn t identify him from some kind of database later on somewhat hard to believeThe search for Iram Radiue which involves Maul and several different characters in the prison takes up most of Maul s time and effort That is in between death battles and gang wars and long distance abuse from his master Anyway the uest to find Radiue is a long one A far too long one It s a path piled high with red herrings and even a twist straight out of Scooby Doo I would have gotten away with it if it wasn t for that meddling Sith dudeI can see the elevator pitch for this book going well Darth Maul trapped in a prison and fighting the scum of the universe Might even make a good video game But as a novel it falls flat for a number of reasonsHere s the main problem Darth Maul is a cipher We know very little about him It s hard to identify with a main character who doesn t really think too much or speak too much just acts Yes he s a tattooed badass Sith who died way too soonwhile Jar Jar Binks lives onsigh but he never elevated much from the status of cool minion Meaning he has no real personality other than he likes to kill stuff and do his master s biddingSo the author has to fill the book with people we re supposed to care aboutthe sexyvicious warden and her weird tech genius brotherthe cast of uirky andor brutal inmatesthe innocent father and son duo just trying to get byand the guest stars Sidious Plagueis Jabba Komari Vosa Plus don t forget the giant icky worm that eats all the losers of the brutal fights And so onDarth Maul s uest to find Iram Radiue is so long and involved that it almost takes on an existential uality Almost Is Radiue real Is it all just a test Is Radiue even in the prison And on and on and on There is a huge list of suspects and no easy way to filter them out except when Maul kills them As a reader though it becomes a wearying intellectual exercise after a while By the time the mystery of Iram Radiue is solved it s hard to careSothenin the third actfallen Jedi Komari Vosa she s not a Sith just a psychopath shows up to try and make things interesting It does work after a fashion Komari does add a definite element of interest to the tale Yet bringing in a new character late in a novel with no real introduction is not the best idea Having her around earlier probably not possible though given the structure of the story might have made this a interesting tale And there s the ending What ending The book just sort of runs out of steam without much in the way of resolution I kept looking for another chapter but there wasn t one SighI give this book two stars two and a half in my head rounded down because the writing isn t bad and the book is fun and engaging in some parts Yet the thinking behind the writing is seriously flawed and doesn t hold up to much scrutiny But if you re looking for a lot of action and not much in the way of plot okay there s a lot of plotjust not a lot of good plot and are a fan of Sith doing Sith y things then Maul Lockdown may be for you