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Read µ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Sasha L. Miller Sasha L. Miller Å 7 Summary Battle of Will review ¼ 107 O he is and all the people he has tortured But the problem rapidly grows much worse than that when Ackley realizes his true purpose is assassination of the Morcian crown prince an assassination Ackley prevents but at great costBanished. This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review siteWhen Ackley saves the crown prince of Morcia from possible death he inadvertently gets magically bound to the prince Now tasked with being constantly within Prince Ealdwin s presence the two must figure out how to counter the spell that brought them together But what s a Skirfallan mage supposed to do when he s in a country that hates his very race and his every action is only met with suspicionIn the mm genre one of the things that I find lacking is the amount of true high fantasy stories out there You have what I call contemporary fantasy which is basically fantasy elements in a contemporary setting and semi fantasy which is a fantasy world but with only the bare bones for descriptions Battle of Will is in my opinion a classic high fantasy tale filled with a ton of descriptions two prominent warring races a royal prince a traitor and a forced bonding between enemies Basically everything I could want in a fantasyAnd how I loved every second of it From the moment that Ackley realizes what is about to happen to Prince Ealdwin to the last word in the story it satisfied all my cravings for a true high fantasy tale It has a slow build up with descriptions left and right about the war the layout of the country and the spells that Ackley is forced to look through You have the very real animosity between Ackley and Ealdwin the inability to believe what the other is saying is the truth and the very real possibility that if someone kills one of them then the other will die too It has some action some twists and some sweet moments written in a way that had me spellbound throughout the bookThe characters have such depth that I felt like I knew them each personally Ackley is very surly and stubborn He s not afraid of saying what he wants especially to a prince and absolutely will not back down even when Ealdwin is at his most scariest and intimidating Ealdwin isn t used to anyone sticking up to him so Ackley not only confuses him but intrigues him I loved how Ealdwin was a respected prince who had no issues with fighting the war from the front lines but I also liked that even with their situation Ackley couldn t put away his bodyguard instincts and not protect Ealdwin even when he didn t need to or want to It was sweet the way they hated each other but slowly created a friendship that had so much trust there was never any doubt of the other person s actions until Ealdwin tried to show Ackley his true feelingsI had a few issues with this story though My biggest being that I felt the resolution to who the real traitor was and how to deal with him very anticlimactic With everyone that was killed and everything that happened to not only Ealdwin and Ackley but to the King of Morcia I expected action to be taken to handle the King s killer I felt there also needed to be editing considering there was a lot of typos grammar mistakes punctuation errors and inconsistencies throughout the novel Also while I loved that the fantasy and the desire to end the war was front and center of the story I wished we could have seen of the developing romance between Ackley and Ealdwin I feel like we were missing just a little something between themAll in all even with its flaws I still really enjoyed the story It s fantasy than a romance and focuses on the journey Ealdwin and Ackley go through from being enemies to allies It has a lot of world building and descriptions with an emphasis on the daily work of a prince turned King I absolutely loved it and recommend it for those who enjoy a good meaty fantasy that has very little romance I m also hoping we ll get stories in this world because I d love to see what happens next especially if it involves Leavey getting his own HEA

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Read µ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Sasha L. Miller Sasha L. Miller Å 7 Summary Battle of Will review ¼ 107 At a memorial service meant to honor the dead and mark the beginning of a truce between Skirfall and Morcia Ackley spies a figure who does not belong a mage interrogator whose presence will only cause harm should the Morcians realize wh. An Excellent read My first from this author and I was very pleasedIt s MM fantasy romance but the focus is on the fantasy rather than anything elseAlso one of the few mm books I can run on ttstext to speech on my reader without having to plug the headphones in In other words family friendly apart from a bit at the end hehOne little niggle alternate chapters used a particular character s first or last name alternately Well I missed the bit early on in the book which introduces his full name so it was a little confusing how the character s name kept changing Later on I figured out it was because the POV was switching between the two MC sWhile this would not have been a major problem had I been paying attention earlier on it does seem to indicate that there really wasn t enough difference between the author s writing to really showcase the double POV style of writing and the whole narrative could have been done just as well written entirely in the third personThe reason this didn t get the full 5 stars is that the story was a little too predictable both the sub plots and in main ending were wholly expected Still it was a very good read overall

Read µ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Sasha L. Miller

Read µ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Sasha L. Miller Sasha L. Miller Å 7 Summary Battle of Will review ¼ 107 From his own country bound magically to the crown prince of his enemies Ackley is certain of just one thing whether he can figure out how to break the spell or not his death is assuredNote This story is part of LT3's Serial Fiction line. A proper fantasy story I love the deep characterization