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  • The Winter of the Robots
  • Kurtis Scaletta
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  • 03 June 2020
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The Winter of the Robots Free download É 105 Summary The Winter of the Robots And teams up with a girl instead Rocky has spotted wild otters down by the river and her idea is to study them But what they discover is bigger and much menacing than fuzzy otters a hidden junkyard on abandoned Half Street And as desolate as it may seem there's  something living in. The science fair is coming up and once again Jim s best friend Oliver wants to build a robot Jim is less than excited about getting stuck building the things for the robot to destroy so when the girl next door invites him to join her project observing the lives of otters Jim jumps on the chance It also doesn t hurt that Rochelle Rocky is kind of cute To do their otter observations the two go into an old junkyard down by the Nomicon disaster remnants and set up cameras which Jim borrowed without permission from his dad and return home Meanwhile Oliver had to pair up with Dmitri the rough Russian kid in class The next day the cameras have gone AWOL and so has Dmitri Rocky and Jim have to scrap their project but not before they start to notice that some weird things are going on in the old Nomicon site and when Dmitri shows up again with a strange story of getting zotted by something in the Nomicon site Jim s curiosity is really perked But it isn t until several days later after everyone has caught the robot building bug including Jim s little sister Penny that even further proof of something strange and sinister going on at the old Nomicon site drops in and the kids realize they need to do something about it view spoilerThey realize that Nomicon s robots that were in development for defense projects have gone slighty haywire and instead of just defending their ground they are actively hunting down any trespassers and electrocuting them So the kids build a giant robot out of a car to duke it out with the bad robots and save the day hide spoiler

Summary The Winter of the Robots

The Winter of the Robots

The Winter of the Robots Free download É 105 Summary The Winter of the Robots Seven feet of snow four science fair nerds one creepy junkyard Get ready for the ultimate robot battleJim is tired of being the sidekick to his scientific genius robot obsessed best friend Oliver So this winter when it comes time to choose partners for the science fair Jim dumps Oliver. This one was a pretty intense book in terms of mystery Loved it a lot It was a little confusing in some parts but that did not affect the entertainment of the book too much As a head ups this books definitively will be very shocking as the book is read further and further towards the end where lots of crazy surprises begin to pop up along the road that were not expected at all

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The Winter of the Robots Free download É 105 Summary The Winter of the Robots The junkyard Something that won't be contained for long by the rusty fences and mounds of snow Can Jim and Rocky along with Oliver and his new science fair partner put aside their rivalry and unite their robot building skills Whatever is lurking on Half Street is about to meet its mat. 25 starsJim Knox is doing a robot project for the school science fair But things get complicated when he and a few friends find huge dinosaur like robots lurking in the ruins of a labratory What is the secret behind the lab and why are the robots starting to hurt and kill peopleEwJust writing that summary got me unwanted memories of this storyI was looking for something to read and just grabbed The Winter of the Robots of the shelf It sounded like a toy franchise made for 7 year old boys but I read it anywaysWhile the story began tolerable I uickly found things unbearable I don t know much about robots but all the stuff that these kids make their robots do seem way to complex It should be harder than just hooking up a few wires I mean seriously A flying robot a robot that can pick up other robots Two middle schoolers can t make that up in a week Though I admit the overall concept of the robots were coolThe characters acted way out of age They talked too maturely and acted likeadults They had boyfriends and girlfriends These kids are in seventh grade And they talked so seriously about it I don t know what kids of today really do I ve been homeschooled most of my life isolated from school going kids but I really hope they don t get thathow do I say this chummy at an age that youngI found the setting unlikeable But I m not going to blame the book for this because I did read this in the middle of summerI admit I skipped the last chapter I was so done Maybe there was a huge revelation that would ve boosted my rating to 5 stars but I doubt itAlternate rating D