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  • Hardcover
  • 345
  • Fang The Gnome
  • Michael G. Coney
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9780453005753

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Read Fang The Gnome Free read Í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Michael G. Coney Michael G. Coney · 5 Free download The third book in the Song of Earth series First books are The Celestial Steam Locomotive and Gods of the Greataw. I don t know if this would have made sense had a read the preceding two installments I didn t realize till just not that it was a series I read it in middle school and don t remember much about it other than that I thought it was trippy Other reviews indiciate there was some Arthurian element but I only recall gnomes and rabbits and aliens

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Read Fang The Gnome Free read Í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Michael G. Coney Michael G. Coney · 5 Free download A young woman can save the gnomes This is a strange and fun combination of Arthurian legend gnomes and spaceships. The third book in the Song of Earth series Now I had not realized this going in and had not read The Celestial Steam Locomotive and Gods of the Greataway I really wish I would have because I think I would have appreciated the ending of this book much better Prior to the ending I was really enjoying the story Three alternate worlds are coming together and this tells the story building up to and including that event It was enjoyable to get to know each world and how they affect each other even before merging into one I liked the gnomes world best but how the other two worlds play off of each other from the beginning was fun to read The writing was well done The characterizations whole The fairy talefantasy feel to what is a science fiction story was a treatAs I said the ending wasn t working too well for me But I will read the first books and then give this one a try again in the future

Free read Í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Michael G. Coney

Read Fang The Gnome Free read Í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Michael G. Coney Michael G. Coney · 5 Free download AyWhen the alternate worlds of humankind and gnomedom begin to merge only the bravery of a gnome and the help of. I m not sure whether this is the edition I have but it s the only hardcover one listed so I ll assume soMichael Coney he added the middle name Greatrex to his name for this book If it s his given name he didn t use it for The Celestial Steam Locomotive is another of those authors who came up with a really good conceit then hadn t the narrative talent to follow it through I don t know if I ve read all of this before I don t remember how it goes on and it may change later onI like the characterization of the gnomes though it s a little odd the root of the word gnome is knowledgeable but the gnomes in this book are mostly NOT particularly knowlegeable I like that they are relaxed and don t tend toward heroism or other stressful behavior They take their time over things and hide out when that s appropriate and possible And they re truly wealthy they have what they need to live comfortably with little effort and they use their advantages wellThe concept of the happentracks is or less let lapse It s given lip service but it s not really explored at least in the beginning Also I frankly find the pretext for the fantasizing of the human and Dedo which is never really explained characters inexplicable What exact problem is the introduction of a fantasy in which violence in defense of honor is regarded as exemplary seen to possibly resolve What s the threat and why would violence be a solution Even imaginary violenceThe fantasy that s created or at least started is Arthurian Why Why not for example as many people have focus on say Robin Hood Robin Hood is not mostly an exemplary violent figure He s admittedly a thief and argues that failing other remedies thievery is the only resolution to the miserly state a feudal state which is lauded in Arthurian lore He s a trickster figure and heirs to this tradition such as Zorro or even Raffles are plentiful Why not recommend that as a resolution for whatever ill defined danger is anticipated Of course Coney s societies at least so far are not authoritarian They re not uite anarchistic but rulers seem to play very little part in everyday life So lacking an authority to rebel against maybe trickster figures are superfluous But how does inventing an Arthurian society which seems to be almost entirely without a peasantry to opress have you noticed that The existence of the peasantry is implicit who makes the tableware or grows the crops yet they almost never appear onstage remedy anythingThe humans seem to be unable to understand the gnomes wealth The Dedos don t help The Dedos don t take advice to encourage humans to find nonviolent inactive solutions to problems The humans assume that if the gnomes are well off it must be because they have hidden treasure If they actually listened to the gnomes rather than asking uestions and supplying the answers themselves they might adopt some of the gnomes advice Or not People who ask uestions and won t wait for the answers often aren t really good at accepting advice The innovative aspects don t really make up for the uncritical acceptance of a lot of standard nonsense Happentracks for example don t arise only as a response to decisions by intelligent beings ANY decision point creates alternate happentracks including whether a thunderstorms starts earlier or later and whether a radioactive particle decays in this half life or not Further there s no evidence whatever that meeting people s needs without making them scrabble for their supper reduces people s will to live But if it WERE so the source of the services and supplies doesn t matter An organic spacebat doesn t nurture either or less than a mechanical tin mother I do like the philosophical dreams of the hibernators thoughOnce again there is no such THING as a mindless killing machine This nonsense has got to stop Such a creature is not only ergonomically unworkable it s also not possible to kill without using some sort of mentality Especially mobile animals which don t act predictably and tend to resist being killedThe ridiculous notion that instincts and memories for complex behaviors like how to deal with wild warts can be passed down geneticallywell I ve already characterized it I don t believe that the gnomes have a memory lobe in their brains which can only be accessed by trained educers called oddly memorizers though they don t memorize things any than others do they just call back the memories And I CERTAINLY don t believe they can remember the memories of others Even the trained Memorizers apparently only recall what they choose to There s some lip service given to the limited capacity of memory but limiting what you remember will only be partly successful You also have to come up with some sort of filing system Fang makes some attempts to trace answers to particular uestions But he ll probably never know if his search strategies are the right ones What if there WERE answers to those uestions but some previous Memorizer didn t bother to remember themThe limited geographical space in the story is than a little misleading Were there gnomes only in the region of Mara Zion If not what happened to the others If so is this a reflection of their slow metabolisms long lives and limited reproductive driveThe happentracks are little explored but there are clues they re there keep an eye on the moons for the key to the rare event of a merging of happentracks