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  • Chinye by Obi Onyefulu
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  • 10 July 2019
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Chinye by Obi Onyefulu review ã 100 Strange powers are watching over her How Chinye discovers the magic of the gourds and transforms her life. Chinye is a book written by Obi Onyefulu and illustrated by Evie Safarewicz The book is about a young Nigerian girl named Chinye who is forced to live with her evil stepmother and stepsister after the death of her parents Forced to labour tirelessly for her stepmother she encounters an old woman in the forest while carrying out one of her many chores and her life is changed foreverThe story is a West African folk tale that promotes the importance of having a good heart and not being greedy Evie Safarewicz s illustrations introduce the reader to life in a typical West African village with bright vivid imagery that add a real sense of atmosphere to the story The book is an excellent way for KS2 students to compare similarly themed stories such as Cinderella in order to understand cultural similarities and differences On its own it is also an excellent vehicle to stimulate conversation about right wrong the ways in which we treat those around us and morality in general

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Chinye by Obi Onyefulu review ã 100 Poor Chinye Back and forth through the forest she goes fetching and carrying for her cruel stepmother But. I read this in my 3rd grade advanced reading class we were doing a unit on fairytales from different cultures and I remember being intrigued and liking this one a lot

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Chinye by Obi Onyefulu review ã 100 Is enchantingly retold in this traditional West African story of goodness greed and a treasure house of go. Chinye is a Nigerian folktale Chinye is similar to the Cinderella story It is about a little girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister after her father passes away When she is sent into a forest late at night a wise old woman gives her a gift Chinye s obedience pays off in the end I would use Chinye to introduce folktales Chinye can be used to explain how stories that are orally passed down can be written down I would ask students to go home and ask their parents about a story that is passed down and they can share it with the class