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  • The Watch
  • Rick Bass
  • English
  • 12 May 2019
  • 9780844669311

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DOWNLOAD ☆ The Watch Rick Bass ß 0 DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Rick Bass Inous tales stir the heart with wonder as they resonate with hard won truths With a title story that is “an American classic” Newsweek The Watch is a landmark in contemporary short fictio. The depth and array of emotions and feeling to Bass s stories is fantastic and while I m not generally a fan of short stories this is really excellent I m a fan

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The Watch

DOWNLOAD ☆ The Watch Rick Bass ß 0 DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Rick Bass Ng in spirit if not always in fact to the American outback to the deserts of Utah the swamps of Mississippi the remote ranges of the Rockies Strong and inventive funny and lyrical these lum. I m pretty rusty on writing lengthy reviews This book was so damn good that my review will never do justice There are few books that come along that I want to savor rather than plow through but I took my time with this one I read only a few short stories at a time so that they wouldn t blur together but would still impress me with the way they intertwined and kept bringing me to a familiar feeling I sort of spent the whole time with my heart breaking I kept wanting the men in my life to be like the men in these stories with all their longing and flaws I then realized that they probably wereMy favorites were The Watch Juggernaut Wild Horses and In Ruth s Country Sidenote I thought In Ruth s Country would be impossible for me to enjoy as the copy of the book I purchased had markings on that story and that story only THANK GOD that were so elementary and seemed so far off the mark such a stretch to tie things together that it really distracted me Thankfully it only took six pages for me to overlook this and really appreciate this oneBack to my favorites they are my favorites in how memorable the stories are as a whole Yet I also keep finding myself thinking about snippets of Mississippi which I believe is the shortest of them all at a little less than 8 pages This is the writing that I crave I know it is something special when I want to read every single word This is one that will never leave my shelf because I ll be reading it again and again when I need something to stir me up and make me really feel something and transport me to a place that is all too real rather than the fantasy world of so many other books

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DOWNLOAD ☆ The Watch Rick Bass ß 0 DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Rick Bass In this extraordinary fiction debut Rick Bass establishes himself in the first rank of American writers Rooted in the creative traditions of the South his stories introduce us to men who belo. You wouldn t believe me if I told you how deep Rick Bass is like Seamus Heaney s spade digging inching toward the heart of the matter his pen snug as a gun His characters study the depth vastness and immensity of their longing with borders and limitations that are difficult to remember in the haze of desire The stories are told with gorgeous simplicity and I just loved how the narrative darted around the place like electrons misfiring in the brain I could probably count on one hand how many times Rick Bass actually gave it all up to the reader that secret delicate wisdom he had me orbiting or ducking I seemed to always be asking is this going to hurt Mexico Choteau Juggernaut and In Ruth s Country were pretty darn perfect as short stories go but all are so important To share a few of my favourite bits You go out into the desert said the professor and in your dig you try to find a fossil tree the trunk of a big stout one the euivalent I suppose of our live oaks today a good jumping tree and then from that in your diggings you radiate work outward and you start finding these little half bird things as many as you could ever care to collect Half something half another thing from Mexico The dogs had been smelling Buzbee and his camp all night and were nearly crazed their chests strained and swelled like barrels of apples like hearts of anger and they jumped and twisted and tugged against their leashes pulling Hollingsworth and Jesse behind them in a stumbling run through the wet grasses Froth came from their muzzles their rubbery lips Their eyes were wild They were too hard to hold They pulled free of their leashes and raced silently like the fastest thing in the world accelerating across the field and into the woods straight for the camp the straightest thing that ever was from The Watch Rating 5 of the fullest galena blue stars there ever was