Manhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to Abbottabad (PDF)

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  • Manhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to Abbottabad
  • Peter L. Bergen
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  • 27 September 2020
  • 9780307969552

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Manhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to Abbottabad free read ✓ 106 Other key elements of the book will includeA careful account of Obama’s decision making process as the raid was plannedThe fascinating story of a group of CIA analysts largely women who never gave up assembling the tiniest clues about OBL’s whereaboutsThe untold and action packed history of the Joint Special Operations Command JSOC and the SEALsAn analy. Absolutely brilliant A gripping account of the multi layered hunt for Osama bin Laden Even though you definitely know how it s going to end it s fascinating stuff Especially the chapters dealing with President Obama s decision to authorise the raid or not A great companion to the eually good non fiction work The Triple Agent and of course the excellent film Zero Dark Thirty Highly recommended

read & download Manhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to AbbottabadManhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to Abbottabad

Manhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to Abbottabad free read ✓ 106 From the author of the New York Times bestselling Holy War Inc this is the definitive account of the decade long manhunt that killed the world’s most wanted man Osama bin LadenAl aeda expert and CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen paints a multidimensional picture of the hunt for bin Laden over the past decade including the operation that killed him. My CNN colleague Peter Bergen s book on the hunt for Osama bin Laden is gripping Bergen is staggeringly brilliant meticulous level headed and writes clearly and factually with understated power yet still manages on target stabs of droll humor like this characterization of bin Laden s dull successor Ayman al Zawahiri calling him a black hole of charismaAccording to Bergen there was never 100 percent certainty among President Obama s advisors and intelligence analysts that bin Laden was at the walled compound The option the president chose was perhaps the riskiest plus he went ahead against the advice of his Defense Secretary Robert Gates who was involved in Jimmy Carter s failed mission to rescue the US hostages in IranHere are some of my favorite uotes Michael Scheuer founder of the CIA s bin Laden unit on why women are great intelligence analysts They seem to have an exceptional knack for detail for seeing patterns and understanding relationships and they also uite frankly spend a great deal less time telling war stories chatting and going outside for cigarettes than the boys If I could have put up a sign saying No boys needs apply I would ve done itBarack Obama from his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech I face the world as it is and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people For make no mistake evil does exist in the world A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler s armies Negotiations cannot convince al aeda s leaders to lay down their arms To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism it is a recognition of history the imperfections of man and the limits of reason Michele Flournoy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy on the plans of Admiral William McRaven to get bin Laden McRaven had a backup for every possible failure and a backup to the failure of the backup and a backup to the failure of the backup of the backupJoint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen on the importance of witnessing in person the rehearsal of the SEALs training for the raid If I am going to send somebody in to die I want tohave the opportunity to look the men in the eye Every single one of them Personally That uote I m not ashamed to say brought me to tearsIf you re looking for an objective read on the strategy behind the take down of bin Laden this is it

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Manhunt The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden from 911 to Abbottabad free read ✓ 106 Sis of what the death of OBL means for al aeda and for Obama’s legacy Just as Too Big to Fail captured in riveting detail the anatomy of this decade’s financial disaster so too is Manhunt one of the key stories of this decade the authoritative immersive account of the operation that killed the man who organized the largest mass murder in American histor. Most of us already know the story of bin Laden s capture so it wasn t any particular interest in the subject matter that led me to this book I d just finished Bergen s United States of Jihad Americans Fighting for Radical Islam from al aeda to ISIS when this book became available in audio at my library Bergen is an exceptional journalist he writes with a comprehensiveness that a reader can appreciate Most any uestion you can think of is answered and many you did not think to askWhat was interesting about this was the political calculation behind the raid on Abbottabad the players and the opinions Two out of three of Obama s top advisors did not recommend the raid Gates and Biden and only one did Clinton I probably would have agreed with the nay sayers as I was among the few who did not think we should retaliate for 911 but I also thought that by 2011 bin Laden had been effectively sidelined and was almost irrelevant Besides the disasters of previous such attempts just made the calculations too hard to certify and going into a sovereign country unannounced is just not the way I would do thingsBergen is very nice to Mich le Flournoy at the time Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and a member of the team watching the outcome of the raid realtime She was also founder of the New America Think Tank of which Bergen was an employee while he was writing the book Now I think Bergen has moved on and Flournoy left government in 2012 and has several advisory roles in different non profits and educational and policy organizations She is on the Board of Directors of New AmericaThe Epilogue in this book includes mention of the material that Bergen made into his book about jihadism in the US and information about relationships in the aftermath of the raid that is still relevant to us now Bergen also talks openly of the shadowy JSOC group that may have been initially exposed in Jeremy Scahill s work on Blackwater The Rise of the World s Most Powerful Mercenary Army