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  • Northwest Angle
  • William Kent Krueger
  • English
  • 05 September 2018
  • 9781439153963

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Read & download Northwest Angle Summary Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ William Kent Krueger William Kent Krueger ↠ 0 Summary E Cork O’Connor must solve the murder of a young girl in the latest installm. I thought this was one of the best in the series so far It starts out with a bang and keeps going It seems a little like a nature story or an adventure recovering from a natural disaster but that wasn t really the real mystery just a catalyst Things are not what they seem to be for much of the book as we get deeper and deeper into the mystery I really never expected that the butler did itThere s the usual mix of violence good and evil intermixed and spiritual lessons especially from the Native American point of view I was worried that my hero Henry might not make an appearance I m surprised he even remembers Cork s name as old as he isIf you re a fan of the author or the series just read it you won t be disappointed

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Read & download Northwest Angle Summary Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ William Kent Krueger William Kent Krueger ↠ 0 Summary With his family caught in the crosshairs of a group of brutal killers detectiv. Cork O Connor rented a houseboat for his entire family including sister in law Rose Thorn and her husband Mal giving them all a much needed family outing after a tragedy ridden couple of years They re on the Lake of the Woods which occupies parts of Minnesota and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario when they encounter a vicious storm a derecho Cork and Jenny were out on a dingy on their way to pick up her boyfriend Stephen and Anne had swum away from the houseboat to go exploring When the storm struck each group was separated and fought hard to just survive However the nightmare didn t end for Cork and Jenny after they landed in a different storm on an island where they discovered the dead and tortured body of a teenage girl and her newborn baby still alive hidden in a bush nearby This felt like two separate stories the first being the fight for survival in the midst of the storm and its immediate aftermath It was exciting stuff keeping me on the edge of my seat as each group struggled to survive recover and reunite The second half was eually exciting as Jenny and Cork attempt to evade the hunters who appeared to be responsible for the teen mother s death and keep the baby out of harm s way Krueger was masterful again at creating a strong sense of place as I could visualize the imagery with ease Figuring out the what and why wasn t all that easy but I thought the who was obvious until I got it wrong Just when I think this series couldn t get any better the author goes and creates a story like this I couldn t stop listening and wanted even when I reached the end Derecho widespread long lived straight line wind storm that is associated with a land based fast moving group of severe thunderstorms They can cause hurricane force winds tornadoes heavy rains and flash floods A warm weather phenomenon derechos occur mostly in summer especially during June July and August in the Northern Hemisphere within areas of moderately strong instability and moderately strong vertical wind shear They may occur at any time of the year and occur as freuently at night as during the daylight hours

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Read & download Northwest Angle Summary Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ William Kent Krueger William Kent Krueger ↠ 0 Summary Ent of William Kent Krueger’s unforgettable New York Times bestselling serie. 11 books down and this series for me just keeps going from strength to strength After events in previous books I was doubtful how invested I would still feel in this series I shouldn t have worried these books are written by a very talented author One of my favourite aspects of Northwest Angle was that we had so many different points of view Krueger has mastered that art of changing the point of view structure through his series and I see this as a real strength I enjoyed that the O Connor children young adults now had points of view in Northwest Angle We ve watched them grow up over the course of the series and they are really starting to come into their own This book even though grim as all of the books are murder mysteries felt like a new beginning for Cork Recommended for people who love a good mystery series