[PDF FREE] (Toil And Trouble) By C.S. Chatterly

  • Paperback
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  • Toil And Trouble
  • C.S. Chatterly
  • English
  • 21 September 2020
  • 9781933417011

C.S. Chatterly ✓ 3 summary

Toil And Trouble review è 103 T nowhere in sight Can Trevor convince Tabitha he's her cuddly cat turned protector Can Tabitha catch the dark entity stalking her before it's too late TROUBLE Ian O'Rourke is spending eternity as a cat but because of his lecherous ways a curse leaves him with the ability to feel and think as a manone with very virile urges Marian Cole is a Wiccan who adopts a cat from a shelter After all cats are good company and don't care what a woman looks like Tired of being judged.

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Toil And Trouble review è 103 For her appearance she has given up on romance in favor of the friendly companionship of a pet When a miscast spell brings Ian and Marian together in a dream Marian wants to help Ian resume his normal existence Convinced there's no such thing where he's concerned Ian continually looks for an open door out of her apartment and her life While Marian might be his very last chance at redemption fleeing into the night is his best choice It's the one noble thing he has ever do.

summary Toil And Trouble

Toil And Trouble review è 103 TOIL Tormented by a curse that leaves him in cat form for centuries Irish lord Trevor McGovern must repent for his past sins by finding true love If he fails to curb his roguish ways he's doomed to forever remain a felinE After adopting a stray cat from her local animal shelter witch Tabitha Cole is stalked by an ancient evil entity When she calls on the powers that be and asks them to send her a familiar capable of protecting her she ends up with a naked hunk and her ca.

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