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  • The Glory Game
  • Hunter Davies
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  • 22 July 2019
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The Glory Game Free read µ 100 League soccer club Author Hunter Davies was allowed unparalleled access to the inner sanctum of a top professional soccer team the To. Nice one Hunter nice one sonHunter Davies book is based on the free access he was given to players and staff at Tottenham Hotspur in the early 1970 s There are no startling revelations apart from one of the leading striker s devotion to the drink but it is a fascinating insight into how a top team prepares for games and how it copes with the various triumphs and disasters of a league season as it turned out a season that proved to be a particularly successful one for SpursDavies would never be given such freedom to roam these days but back in the day before agents and Sky TV your average footballer was much the same which probably explains why people are still reading The Glory Game 40 years after its publicationHere is Davies evocative description of the team after it lost a cup match against Chelsea They sat like shipwrecked hulks naked with their heads bowed unable to move Cyril Knowles seemed to be crying His eyes were red and swollen His arms were shaking No one could look at anyone elseThis was in the days when Division One players were on 5000 a year and some of them went home on the bus and train after a gameThere are a number of interesting pen portraits here particularly of no nonsense manager Bill Nicholson one of the most successful in the club s historyFinally how about this description of a party for one of the players to show that some things have moved on Haven t they All that was missing to have made it a really smart 1972 middle class party would have been a few reefers but footballers wouldn t touch such things Some footballers might have moved into the middle classes but there are two things they won t have at their parties drugs and homosexuals

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The Glory Game Free read µ 100 Hailed as probably the best book about soccer ever written 'The Glory Game' gives a uniue insight into the inner workings of a major. A good book to read for fans of Tottenham or English football in general I ve heard a lot of hype about this book and in general I was let down But it certainly gives a good insight into the the life of a top English football club in the 1970s and the mentality of the professionals of the game at the time

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The Glory Game Free read µ 100 Ttenham Hotspur Spurs and his pen spared nothing and no one This 30th anniversary edition will appeal to new and enthusiastic audienc. I don t normally like to read nonfiction However Mr Davies account of his year spent with Spurs is fascinating and engrossing Though at times it does show its age those points only now work to juxtapose how much the game and players have changed and how much it hasn t One of the best books on footballsoccer as well as an engrossing story