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  • Hardcover
  • 374
  • Under the Never Sky
  • Veronica Rossi
  • English
  • 09 December 2020
  • 9780062072030

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READ Under the Never Sky READ & DOWNLOAD Under the Never Sky 107 Since she'd been on the outside she'd survived an Aether storm she'd had a knife held to her throat and she'd seen men murderedThis was worseExiled from her home the enclosed city of Reverie Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland known as The Death Shop are slim If the cannibals. Sometimes your book reading experience comes down to one single factor Do you like the MCThat character can make or break a bookName the biggest praise and the biggest complaint about JD Salinger s Catcher in the Rye If you said they re both Holden Caulfield then you get the gold star This book was teetering on a precipice for me It could either land back on solid ground or go toppling off into the deep end eventually the main characters Aria and Perry are what stacked it back to being a great readThere s a lot to like about Rossi s futuristic science fiction novel The world building is fascinating and vivid yet simplistic enough for most audiences to grasp reasonably well The writing is fair enough and I felt that it was reasonably tight and serviceable It wasn t a perfect novel but I feel that it achieved what it was meant to and that was inspiring me to invest in Aria and Perry s story Mostly I m just impressed with Rossi because she clearly is a badassI can just imagine how her meeting with the editor wentMs Rossi thank you for coming We love your first copy but we re concerned about this Aether thing What is it Where did it come from How does it workRossi sits back in her chair and kicks her feet up onto the editor s table She pulls out a raw falcon egg and starts eating it So she asks between bitesWell you never clarify how it works Why it s there How did it come to be thereRossi shrugs casually Meh I don t give a shit It s there YA takes it for granted that a 108 year old vampire would fall in love with a teenager They ll figure out this Aether shit They have googleBut the editor tries to continueRossi pins the editor with a withering gaze I could devote ten boring pages to giving some lameass sciency explanation of the Aether or I could add in 20% awesome Also I know how to falcon punch I learned it from the mother of this egg I stole before I gave a right hook and uppercut to a sharkThe editor decides that surrender is the better part of valor and everyone learns an important lesson that day Especially the wild life The EndSo basically I like this book and even if Rossi does eat raw falcon eggs I like her characters and I like her styleAnd hopefully you will too If you know what s good for you This review also appears on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Under the Never Sky

READ Under the Never Sky READ & DOWNLOAD Under the Never Sky 107 Gile everything he would expect from a Dweller But he needs Aria's help too; she alone holds the key to his redemption Opposites in nearly every way Aria and Perry must accept each other to survive Their unlikely alliance forges a bond that will determine the fate of all who live under the never sk. Well this sure isn t your usual dystopian read It was uite captivating but not actually perfect I enjoyed many things about it such as the little twists that were mostly unpredictable the uniue characters and the romance This was my first kiss she said My first real one Felt like the first real one for me too Aria and Perry were so beautiful together To be honest there is a lot lot lot of angst in this since around 75% of the story is based on them getting to know each other and most importantly trust one another Needless to say when the real thing finally happened the romance it was as amazing as fireworks And of course worth the waitI didn t truly cared for the plot as much as I wished to At first indeed but then it didn t feel like a lot was happening until a certain percentage Aria was looking for her mom and coincidence is she encounters Perry again whom is looking for his little Nephew Talon In a way it is true Destiny brought them together And I m glad it did because they are simply perfect for each otherThe world building was a little confusing There were some words related to it that I didn t always knew the meaning to or what type of people it represented because let s not forget it is a dystopian so the society is divided indeed in spaces with different habitants It is a doom with that contains multiple doors It did remind me of Blood Red Road due to the main plot however not throughout my read Only during some of the scenes but it is not a rip off of it at all so no worriesWhat I loved the most about it were the characters They were gorgeously developed and I grew to like every one of them even the most despicable ones And what is great is that there are many but you will know who they separately are No confusionThe writing was good but not uite impressive There was so much of heshe said in dialogs and I sometimes was annoyed of them since it wouldn t have been that hard to choose some synonyms I believe Nonetheless it was a pleasant writing stillAn atmosphere was always present and that helped to make the holes in the plot less evident in a certain way What I mean is that there may not have been a grand uantity of events in it but I still wasn t what we can call bored I anyways wanted to know what would happen next because that s just how connected to the characters I was and I m pretty sure the lively yet sometimes very poignant ambience had to do with it as wellOverall this was a book I enjoyed reading As said not flawless but still worth it and recommended You simply have to meet the wonderful couple that is becomes Aria Perry EnjoySource of beautiful drawing

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READ Under the Never Sky READ & DOWNLOAD Under the Never Sky 107 Don't get her the violent electrified energy storms will She's been taught that the very air she breathes can kill her Then Aria meets an Outsider named Perry He's wild a savage and her only hope of staying alive A hunter for his tribe in a merciless landscape Perry views Aria as sheltered and fra. i started reading this for the intriguing plot but finished reading it for the characters specifically the romance so funny how priorities and interests can change throughout the course of a story and its not because the storyline is lacking in any way i just found the characters to be the strength of this book they are so complex and have so many layers even the minor characters but especially perry he is one of those characters that is than meets the eye and that is such a treat for a reader i also think aria is really well written her character has such a lovely balance between being tender but also strong and these two together are the ultimate couple goals there is soooo much angst between them for like 70% of the book but it built up to something to satisfying to read i am definitely rooting these two in the books to come i would definitely recommend this to those looking for a uniue sci fi story set in a crazy world filled with very likeable characters 35 stars